dual finger silver ring

How often have you seen “sterling silver” in the description of a product in an online jewelry store? We think quite often. Sellers often point out this, thus raising the significance of the decoration. However, for many, it remains a mystery what the term “sterling silver” means, whether there are any differences between this type

India has seen a remarkable shift in payment methods in the last couple of years. People have started using credit/debit cards, UPI payments more frequently in comparison to cash payments.

Post demonetization and Covid 19 pandemic, India has seen a steady transition of people moving from cash payments to digital payments. People are hesitant to handle cash transactions like never before. And the preferred mode of payment that came out of this transition is credit cards, leading to an increase in the use of credit

computer system

What are the uses of computer system (IS) is understood an automated data storage, processing and retrieval system , which takes advantage of the tools of computing and electronics to carry out its complex series of processes and operations. In other words, a computer system is a computer of some kind. Computer systems are types of information systems,