30m Sequoia Marchosipovich Streetjournal

The 30m Sequoia Marchosipovich Streetjournal is one of the most important street journals in Russia. Founded in 1992, the Streetjournal is renowned for its insightful reporting, analysis, and opinion pieces on issues related to the Russian economy, politics, culture, and the environment. It is one of the few remaining independent news outlets in the country, and publishes a weekly print edition in addition to its online presence. The Streetjournal’s name is derived from 30 meters, the average height of a Sequoia tree, and Marchosipovich, a famous Russian writer. The newspaper’s mission is to provide an independent source of news, opinion, and analysis that is reliable, unbiased, and accessible to all.


The 30m Sequoia Marchosipovich Streetjournal was founded in the aftermath of the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1992. Its founders were a group of journalists and intellectuals who saw a need for independent journalism and a platform to challenge the government’s narrative on a range of issues.

The Streetjournal has since grown from a single-copy newspaper to a respected and influential multi-platform media outlet. It is owned and operated by the nonprofit organization, MediaBureau, and is a member of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

Editorial Focus

The Streetjournal focuses on a wide range of topics related to the Russian economy, politics, culture, and the environment. It regularly publishes investigative reports, opinion pieces, interviews, and features on these topics, as well as news updates, opinion polls, and other media-related stories.

The paper’s editorial team is comprised of experienced journalists, researchers, and experts who strive to provide readers with timely, accurate, and objective coverage of the news. The paper is committed to journalistic integrity and standards, and it is a member of the Alliance of Independent Press Councils (AIPC).

Online Presence

In addition to its print edition, the Streetjournal also publishes a range of online content. This includes daily news updates and articles on the website, as well as a range of multimedia content such as video interviews, podcasts, and webinars. The paper also maintains a presence on social media, with a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


The 30m Sequoia Marchosipovich Streetjournal is an independent news outlet dedicated to providing reliable, unbiased, and accessible coverage of the Russian economy, politics, culture, and the environment. With its print edition, website, and social media presence, the paper has become an influential voice in Russian media and a respected source of news, analysis, and opinion.