5 Reasons Why Oppo is Favourite among India’s Youngsters

The Oppo smartphones, with their unique and attractive tagline, have attracted the interest of the youth in India. Ever since the first release of the Oppo smartphone in the Indian market, the brand has been targeting one group: youth and the brand has never stopped making it obvious. Oppo has become a leading brand by offering smartphones based on the strength of the camera.

For instance, Oppo F17 pro comes with a super-advanced camera that is perfect for clicking portraits and selfies. Given the advanced camera technology, Oppo can convince any youngster to make the purchase. Here are the top five reasons why Oppo smartphones are popular among youngsters in India.


Mastering innovation


Oppo has never failed to surprise the buyers with its innovative features. The brand puts all its efforts to innovate and integrate the latest technology in the smartphone models to offer better features to the buyers.


Oppo smartphones over the years have evolved a lot. For instance, let’s consider a popular model Oppo F3; although priced fewer than 10,000, the smartphone comes with extraordinary features and a camera with great abilities to click DSLR-like pictures.


Over the years, the brand has offered some of the most exceptional features in their smartphones. The brand’s ability to offer advanced features in the affordably priced phone has made them a preferred choice among the Indian youth.


Premium design


Oppo understands the importance of a premium design in smartphones. Taking this to their advantage, the brand uses its target marketing to attract the youth. All the smartphone models of the brand are stylish and elegant. All of these qualities are exactly what the youngsters need today, along with good functionalities. By studying the customer’s needs and wants, the brand has developed the best smartphone for buyers in every price range.


Let’s take the example of Oppo F3. The device comes with a sleek body which makes it extremely elegant and stylish. However, when talking about price, the device is super affordable.


There was a time when the buyers spent tons of money buying high-priced phones to get a premium design. However, Oppo smartphones are not only affordable, but they also offer elegant, attractive, and charming smartphone designs with every model.


Excellent camera


The camera is one of the most significant advantages that come with Oppo smartphones. The brand using its camera features attracts the youth easily. But the brand indeed has the best cameras. No matter which Oppo smartphone you purchase, you will get some great camera features in all of them.


Oppo F17 pro, for instance, offers best-in-class cameras, optimized hardware, and software to ensure the users capture the perfect photo every time. Further, the phone comes loaded with various filters and shooting modes which yet again is something today’s generation want.


Affordable price


Indian buyers look for smartphones under low-budget that come loaded with extraordinary features. Oppo thus fulfils these criteria very well by offering affordably-priced smartphones with all the advanced features. It is the reason why Oppo makes such a massive sale in the Indian market. Irrespective of the budget, the brand has got a perfect fit for every smartphone buyer out there.


Long battery life


The Oppo smartphones come loaded with long-lasting and strong batteries. No matter how affordable a phone you purchase, you will get a fair battery size that offers an optimum user experience. The smartphone’s battery life makes the Oppo smartphone the most reliable for clicking pictures, playing games, and streaming online.


For instance, Oppo F3 comes with a battery life 3200mAh despite being priced fewer than 10,000. This clearly shows the brand has successfully learned the method to grow and succeed in the Indian market.




Given the reasons, it is clear that the brand has successfully recognized the youth’s needs and can deliver them the same. It is one of the biggest reasons why Oppo smartphones today rank in India’s top 5 smartphone brands. With its unique attributes, the brand is growing continuously and coming up with an innovative design and features with every release. Thus, this greatly contributes to the increasing demand for Oppo smartphones in India.


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