A Career in Graphic Design

Graphics are needed to enliven a given space. But to create the impact they must be designed and used sensibly. Graphic design is not just about creating good-looking stuff, but creating impact and communicating sense. Not such an easy job. Graphic designers are fully equipped and qualified people to perform this task. They can create graphics, modify, restructure, arrange and rearrange them to communicate the required message. This could involve arranging print and graphics for pages of a document, creating an interesting logo or masthead, catalog, company calendars, year planners, invitations, postures, advertisements, banners, publications, designing a website, and so on. Graphic Design is the umbrella body under which various different services or career paths lay; including but not limited to layout design, web design, illustration, UX designer, creative director, graphic designer, and animator. Graphic Design is ever-changing according to the trend, available tools (equipment), and software. In my pre-degree year, CS6 was released; by the time I graduated, the creative cloud was released two years prior. There have been so many improvements: they have done away with Flash, which I had really known, there have been amazing improvements on After Effects especially with the animation tools. Therefore, you need to constantly be improving yourself and your skills by keeping up with the relevant design tools and equipment. Depending on the purpose of a graphic to be created, audience, and medium, designers think of different ideas and concepts to communicate the message in the best possible way. The final development also depends on the medium to be used such as print, film, or electronic. Layouts are created by hand or computer to put the idea on paper. The use of computers in graphic designing has become a must. Graphic designers should keep updating their skills and knowledge on the latest software. Graphic designers are predicted to hold the most jobs by 2021. Keeping in mind the future of the media and the need for creative work, graphic designers are projected to have the best employment opportunities of all creative professionals.

The job of a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers analyze, plan and make creative visual solutions for communication. They help to express the message in the most effective way, in the form of print, film, or electronic medium. A variety of methods like color combinations, illustrations, photography, print, and print-layout techniques are used in graphic designing. Graphic designers create the layout and production designs for newspapers, magazines, corporate reports, journals, and other publications. They also develop promotional displays, marketing and packaging brochures for various products and services, and unique design logos for businesses. In addition, they also make signs for government and businesses. The graphic designer also produces material for interactive media, Internet web pages, and multimedia projects.

Job Qualifications

A Bachelor’s degree is a must at the entry-level in graphic designing. If you are looking at the undergraduate Graphic design course Kingston upon Hull, the duration of the program can be three to four years. Some entry-level technical positions may require an Associate’s degree. However, problem-solving skills and creative communication are essential. Graphic designers should be familiar with computer graphics and the various design software available. A good graphic portfolio, with a collection of work samples, showcases design ability effectively.

Graphic Designing Course Curriculum

Typical Graphic Design Curriculum Components:

  • Studio art
  • Computerized Design
  • Principles of Design
  • Printing techniques
  • Commercial graphics production
  • Web site design
Besides formal graphics training, there are some courses such as writing, art history, psychology, foreign language, sociology, cultural studies, business, and marketing that are effective aids in understanding the intricacies of graphic designing. It is the job of the graphic designer to give meaning to thoughts and ideas. When an idea is expressed, the job falls on the graphic designer to present it on paper and create a suitable combination of the visual medium. This can be accomplished with pictures and animated presentations, which could include sound as well.

Working Of the Creative Department

After the client gives the company a rough idea about the project and his expectations, the creative team gets down to the business of trying out various ideas and techniques to achieve a positive end result. Although most creative people work as a team in advertising agencies and various publications, the graphic designer can do the job independently.

Earnings of a Graphic Designer

  • Architectural, engineering, and related services $42,740
  • Specialized design services $41,620
  • Advertising and related services $40,010
  • Printing and related support activities $32,830
  • Newspapers, periodicals, books, and directory publishers $32,390
Graphic designers need to be creative with a constant supply of fresh and unique ideas, able to work under tight deadlines, and should keep updating with new technology and demands. It is a customer relations job and their needs should be respected first. Some clients demand a lot of rework until they get what they had in mind. Satisfying a client is a tough job and needs patience. There are some qualities that graphic designers must-have. Some people are innately capable and can become polished after getting trained, while others are interested and can acquire skills. There is also a category of graphic designers who are not very competent even after full-fledged training. There are many long and short-term graphic design courses for people to get trained. Some take students only after they qualify for a basic skills test. A full-time bachelor’s degree with advanced short courses gives one an edge. However, experience is the biggest teacher. Graphic designers are much in demand with the ever-increasing needs of the Internet, website designing, animation, and animated films. It is one of the most attractive occupations in present times.

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