Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Our Existence in the modern world itself shows a picture, that how innovative we humans are.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the much-needed inventions for the modern world. Nowadays you don’t have to type to search for anything on the internet, just ask your phone to search and get the desired result. That is one of the Artificial Intelligence works in your device. It is related to Computer Science but today, Artificial Intelligence becomes the subject of discussion in almost every field.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence man has managed to achieve the desired result with less manpower in less time, and the work for humans to give more time to operate the machine has also decreased. In short, AI is the Algorithm of the data design in such a way so that it can work without the man’s inputs.

Inventions of machines and the high rate of growth for complex data in health care invited Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare. Many of the diagnostic machines are now work with Artificial Intelligence and give better results in less time and some works without even the man’s involvement. This is the main factor that the need and dependency on Artificial Intelligence are increasing day by day in the healthcare department. Big machines with auto-modes and surgical robots are a great example of it.

According to research, AI intervention in the healthcare industry has made life easier for both patients and doctors, the task perform by AI results in the saving of time in Industry. And the illness error rate in medical caused by misdiagnosis has decreased with the help of AI.

Examples and use of Artificial Intelligence in Medical

CT Scan Machine, MRI, and ECG machine now works with AI to produce better results and diagnose the patients more precisely and effectively.

Some of the AI agencies have collaborated with the healthcare companies to produce diagnostic machines with AI. These machines are fast and effective. With the help of AI technology in medical man has managed to reduce the exposure of radiations and effect of X-rays for the patients, so that the doctors can treat their patient well with the better clinical outcome.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare is not only about diagnostic machines and big devices but includes various devices related to healthcare such as a digital health tracker or the wearable fitness band. These devices can do some of the big tasks in no time such as counting the heartbeat and the pulse, tracking, and monitoring the distance and sleep. Although the result is not 100% accurate, they manage to get an accuracy of around 100%. There are the marginal errors but the daily invention in technology and in AI are now helping to reach a point where we shall have the micro healthcare devices with a 100% accuracy rate.

There are still some places in the world where hospitals do not have required staff, and fewer doctors available at night, similarly less clinical staff at weekends, and get in trouble if the patients rise in numbers. During these situations, the availability of AI integrated machines will help to cure patients with less manpower. Taking an example of an AI integrated X-ray machine or the CT scan machine which can connect to a mobile app can give good result in less time with less staff in the laboratory.

Smartphones nowadays are capable to take great pictures with the integration of AI in camera. Some of these works with infrared technology, according to a few research it can see inside the cloths. Who knows, if in the near future we can use mobile as a diagnostic device.

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