Audiovisual Production: 10 Reasons to Promote Your Company with an Animated Video

Those who say that content is king are correct. And, although there are other factors, good content is the cornerstone of any digital marketing strategy. We are Video Animation Inc, experts in audiovisual production, and we make videos that generate more leads and more sales, all of this generating relevant content about your company.

Of the different forms of content out there, animated video is one of the best. The large number of benefits that it offers for a website is one of the reasons why it stands out so much. Having an animated video is now much easier than it seems. Here we will explain what are the top 10 reasons to have animated video production companies on your website, and also how our audiovisual production services can boost your business.

The Trend Of Animated Videos In Audiovisual Production

We pay less and less attention to what we see. Different studies and researches show that we only have 4 seconds to capture people’s attention. This makes visually appealing formats, such as videos, much more relevant in the digital world. Audiovisual production is increasingly complex since we must send a different message to the public depending on their profile and interests.

Because they are now easier to do, even the smallest businesses can have an animated video. In addition, with the rapid expansion of the internet, animated videos for companies have become a trend. All this backed by the incredible benefits offered by uploading a video on your website or on social networks. Audiovisual production has always been expensive, but now with Video Animation Inc, any company can afford quality video.

How Can I Have My Own Animated Video Without Wasting Money On Expensive Audiovisual Production?

Having animated videos is not as difficult as it sounds, all you have to do is start with a goal. This objective should go hand in hand with what you want for your website: interactions, leads, sales, etc.

Once you know what you want your video for, it’s time to decide what to say. For this, you can use a script in which you will express all the ideas and dialogues verbatim. In addition, to plan the development of your video we recommend using a Storyboard. This tool is useful for creating the sequence and timing of the video. Need help? Contact us here.

After doing all the previous work, the next step is to make the animated video for your company. For this, you can use an online platform to make animated videos or animation software. Each tool has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Choose well which one you are going to use.

Optimize it and monitor the results

After creating your video, tap on render it. For this, you only have to take into account the size of the platform and the resolution. Once the video is rendered, you must upload it to where you want to promote it. Remember to monitor your video to ensure that it is working properly.

10 reasons to hire audiovisual production for your company

Audiovisual production enhances your brand with video marketing

A video, by its visual nature, can be a great way to empower your brand. If your objective is to generate Branding and market positioning, an animated video will make being present in the minds of your customers easier.

Being very attractive to users, a video can have more reach. If we make a good video, it can go viral, reaching twice as many people. In addition, this type of content generates greater engagement and interactivity, as well as greater memorization.

More effective advertising with quality audiovisual production

Its visual format allows explaining everything more easily through text, audio, images, and animations. A video can make your brand more impressive, especially if you are thinking of doing an advertising campaign. Just think, what catches your attention the most? A print ad or a commercial?

If you want your advertising campaign to be more effective, use a video. Add to this video a creative concept that is simple, memorable, and creative. Add a call to action and you can get more benefits like generating more reach, memorization, and conversion rate.

Explanations in minutes

When a new service, feature or product is launched, it is sometimes necessary to explain. As part of the introduction or new release, an explanatory video should be part of your strategy. These videos will allow you to explain all this in a matter of minutes and dynamically. Our audiovisual production services include both animated and conventional videos. Depending on your objective, we will use a different format.

These types of animated videos are often widely used by companies, especially in new technology launches. A startup should consider a video as a good way to position its products. Thus, not only will it generate a better user experience, it will also begin to gain market positioning.

Beat the competition

A company should not only worry about its market but also about its competition, if you don’t compete you end up losing ground. In such a competitive world, standing out from the competition is essential.

Animated business videos will not only get attention, but they will also get more people talking about you. If we add to this a good strategy, we can increase our sales, positioning, and income. All of this will make your company much more competitive.

Easy to go viral

One of the most persecuted phenomena in digital marketing is that content goes viral. While there is no recipe for creating viral content, there are tricks to encourage this phenomenon to happen. One of them is choosing the right format for the content you are going to produce. Audiovisual production is the center of this strategy since the content is the most important thing. The diffusion takes place alone when the video goes viral.

The most attractive and easy to go viral format is video. With which having animated videos will make it more likely to viralize your content. If you also have a good video, that is, an attractive video, it is more likely that its dissemination will increase.

Enter YouTube

After Google, YouTube is the second most used search engine on the internet. In fact, a video will not only allow you to enter YouTube, the largest video platform in the world, but it will also help you take advantage of the millions of searches it receives daily, both organically and paid.

You can share these animated videos for companies on your corporate channel. If you constantly create content and complement it with marketing actions, the diffusion can be very high. On the other hand, if you want fast results you can take advantage of video ads on YouTube.

Our audiovisual production creates unique content

Unlike a photograph where many can use the same one, especially if it is from Stock, making your own animated video will guarantee that it is unique since no head thinks the same as another. So neither the script nor the video will be the same unless you copy one.

This originality, which is actually a seal of authenticity, will make your video rank much faster. It will reflect the user that you care about generating your own content and not just sharing it. In addition, all this will allow you to create animated videos adapting them to the tastes of your audience.

Everyone understands them

Unlike a text, where you need reading comprehension, or an image, which can be subject to interpretation, a video does not require a lot of work to understand it. This makes it ideal for all audiences, regardless of their age, education, or language.

Having a video that is easy to understand will make the whole process of purchase, subscription, etc., much faster and more agile. Today users are looking for these two benefits and that is why they can marry brands. The best way to tell them you offer speed and agility is with animated business videos.

Improve the experience on web pages

The experience of users on web pages is essential for their positioning. The algorithms used by search engines, such as Google, consider this experience when indexing web pages. This occurs because the experience reflects the usability of the said web page as well as the acceptance of it.

With your animated video, you will not only attract more people, but you will also make them stay longer on your page. This way you will be able to reduce the bounce rate which will improve your positioning. It is important that the video loads quickly and is short.

 Your leads and sales will increase

Whether you are looking to sell more, generate more leads, or conversions on your website, using animated videos for business on your page will increase these numbers. Because the videos are attractive and easily explain the process to perform a certain action, conversions increase automatically.

Uploading a good, quality, useful, and attractive video will increase your sales. Users will also be more likely to leave their data on your website. As you can see, good content and a good strategy can boost your company.

What should a good animated business video have?

Useful information

A good video offers useful information and solutions to the audience. That is why you should know what to say, and that what you say is relevant to whoever watches that video. This will ensure a greater impact and better results.

A good production

As we’ve mentioned before, content is king. For a video to be impressive and generate results, it must be well done. Take care that your video complies with the appropriate size, avoid it looking pixelated, and if it has a voiceover, that the audio has good sharpness.

Attractive and eye-catching

We have less than 6 seconds to capture the attention of our audience. That’s why good animated videos for companies grab attention at that time or even less. If you want your video to really catch, you must find a way to take advantage of those 6 seconds. This will prevent it from being removed or omitted.

Must identify you

It is common to make the mistake of creating an animated video without any corporate identity. Do not forget to add elements to your animated video that help to identify, recognize, and, above all, position yourself. That is why we recommend that you put logos, names, or information that helps to be recognized.

An objective

For your video to work there must be a goal behind it. This objective will be the one that will give the purpose of existing to your video. We have to see video as a means to achieve the goal. Therefore, before creating a video you should always start by looking for a purpose.


In addition to all the above, you must take care of the issue of video optimization. That is, take care that your video is not too heavy and loads fast. Take into account the size, resolution, and clarity of the audio. Also remember that each platform is different, it is best to create a video adapted to each one.

Don’t Be Left Behind In Audiovisual Production Trends

With an increasingly fast and competitive world, standing out becomes essential. If you really want to be paid attention, it is not enough to follow trends. You must be inspired by them to create something unique, something that makes you stand out.

Our audiovisual production services create animated videos that stand out in the market, are attractive, accessible, and generate excellent profits. There are no longer excuses for not taking advantage of its nature. Also, when you see that the results speak for themselves, you will understand why you should have had one much earlier. Become the best company with the best-animated video.

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