Can I open two savings accounts in the same bank?

As is obvious from the name, a financial savings Account is a kind of financial institution account in which you could keep or park your cash freely. It also allows you to earn a mild interest price together with the liberty of withdrawing money on every occasion you want it. Besides allowing you to save cash, the financial savings account additionally equips you with several different centers that make banking convenient. Should read – can i open two savings account in same bank


What are the Advantages of savings Account

Having defined what a savings bank account is, allow us to now examine its blessings. As a cash management device, your financial savings Account can facilitate you in a couple of ways.


Prepares you for emergencies

A financial savings account is a great place to park money for emergencies. It has high liquidity coupled with high daily withdrawal limits, because of this that you can withdraw coins anytime.


Safe without a cap on deposits

Savings debts are especially secure and comfy places to park your cash. You could deposit any amount of money on your account without stress about limits or caps.


Improves your budget

A financial savings Account rewards you for depositing money inside the form of interest on financial savings. The interest is credited semi-annually or yearly, depending on the type of financial savings account you’ve got.


Smooth account starting

Today, it’s very smooth to open a savings Account. You may open an account online from the comfort of your house by filling a shape, submitting scanned copies of your files, and finishing a quick eKYC system. You no longer need to go to a bank to open the account.


World of facilities

Maximum saving debts include a debit + ATM card for clean cash withdrawals, providing you with access to cashback and reward points. Moreover, you can order demand drafts, open ordinary Deposits and fixed Deposits, and make inter and intra-financial institution transfers with internet banking centers.


Clean get entry to to financial savings

As a pretty liquid account, a financial savings Account continues to make you better prepared to satisfy emergency desires. You could withdraw cash every time, with excessive every day withdrawal limits to your debit card. Furthermore, there may be no withdrawal restriction in case you pick to withdraw cash physically from the financial institution branch.


Reductions on bank lockers

An brought advantage of savings money owed holders is they get reductions on financial institution lockers leases for preserving a minimum quarterly stability.


Functions of financial savings financial institution account

Except understanding the financial Account definition, allow us to all examine its many features. They’re as under:

  • You may deposit any sum of money as often as you like without worrying about any limits or caps on deposits.
  • For coin transactions exceeding INR 50, 000, you need to offer your permanent Account number (PAN) information mandatorily.
  • Your deposits in a Account earn hobby annually or semi-annually, with interest prices as excessive as 6% hobby on deposits.
  • You can effortlessly order cheque books, debit, and credit score playing cards immediately thru your net-banking enabled savings account, to your own home deal with.
  • Some financial savings money owed come with the zero balance facility, i.E. You are not required to preserve a minimal deposit within the account.


Forms of financial savings debts

Mainly, there are 5 styles of financial savings debts. They’re as underneath:


Ordinary financial savings Account

An ordinary financial Account empowers you to deposit money at your convenience. Interest is paid every month at the balances maintained within the account but is credited yearly or semi-yearly. You’re required to hold a prescribed minimum amount of balance in the savings Account, failing which you’ll have to pay the penalty levied by the bank. You get all the fundamental facilities like an unfastened cheque ebook, passbook, ATM card, and many others.


Profits Account

Commonly, employers create revenue savings accounts for employees. The key benefit of an income account is the no minimum balance requirement function, that’s why it is also referred to as a 0 balance account. If no earnings are credited to the account for three consecutive months, this income account may be vehicle-converted right into a regular Account. As such, you’ll have to comply with the policies of an everyday account and keep the minimal stability required.


Senior Citizen savings Account

This account is in particular designed for senior citizen account holders and is derived with sure extra blessings. Prominently, it gives higher interest fees on the financial savings parked. Also, there’s generally no minimal stability requirement. Account-holders can also hyperlink this account to their pension budget.


Savings Account for children

A savings Account for children is like an ordinary financial Account however without any common balance requirement. You could open this account to your youngsters. The minor should be named as the number one account holder, whilst you, because the parent or dad or mum, can function as the joint holder. Be aware that after the minor turns 18, the savings account for children is converted right into an ordinary financial savings Account.


Financial savings bills for ladies

Designed specifically for girls, and to inspire them to open their own money owed, the financial Account for girls comes with a host of facilities. Those encompass excessive every day ATM withdrawal limits and debit card transactions at stores. Women can also get slightly higher interest on their deposits, along with more praise factors, buying reductions and extra, with this account.

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