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Cargo Pants Are Again in Trend: Here’s How To Wear Them In 2022

The world of fashion is ever-changing and ever-evolving. It is a highly difficult task to keep track of what is hip and what is not. So, in case you missed it, allow us to tell you that cargo pants are back with a bang. The Y2K trouser has had a massive surge in popularity and is back from the dead. Why are they back? It seems the answer to that question is that we as a public just randomly decided that they should come back and so they did. Fashion is a fickle thing so it is hard to pinpoint the exact reason, but the pants inspired by the military dress and popular for their baggy appearance are back with a bang.


Cargo pants are known for their militarist design, drawstring waists, and khaki color palette. Another staple of cargo pants is their baggy appearance. It was first introduced to the public in the late 80s and popularized in the 90s and early 00s. Avril Lavigne and Pink did much to popularize the cargo pants trends. Those who have lived through 2000 can still recall Destiny’s Child in full cargo chic in 2001’s “Survivor” video. Now once again the cargo pants trend is making a comeback. The fashion icon of today’s generation such as Bella Hadid and DuaLipa has been seen sporting the cargo pants fashion trend and at a street level, the cargo pants are also making a comeback. The pants are now ubiquitously seen in fashion circles as the hip. Black cargo pants are getting paired with everything. Nearly everyone agrees that the black cargo pantsgo with everything, the style of the cargo pants might be utilitarian, but for now, the pants are in for their oversized, androgynous vibes.



It seems that google search is littered with results for cargo pants for men and cargo pants for woman, but many have no interest in streetwear. Many are shopping for the original 00s cargo pants whether they be second-hand or not. Many army surplus stores have also seen a rise in popularity just because of cargo pants. Several brands are seeking to capitalize on the resurgence of cargo pants. Many brands have begun marketing cargo pants for woman and cargo pants for men. Each brand has brought its spin to the cargo pants revolution. Through the annals of fashion, from BottegaVeneta to Orseund Iris, each cargo pant is distinct in its individuality, but a common theme among the varied cargo pants are nipped waist, several pockets, and a variety of colorways.


Cargo pants history is not well known for a good reason, because its history is not a positive one, but the history of the pants has nothing to do with the fashionability of the pants. Cargo pants were made to be functional and were first worn by British military personnel in the early 90s, and are still worn by some parts of the British army to this day. They might have been made by the military but soon after found a new life in the hands of cultural icons unburdened by the choice of wearing ultra stylish uniforms. The pants rose in popularity for their undistracting and unassuming design. The two side pockets also provided great utility. In more recent times the cargo pants have transitioned from being utilitarian to being a staple of street style which is most commonly associated with the more hip moments of fashions.


Cargo pants have been a staple of the fashion industry for a long time and many great designers have put their own spin on cargo pants. Designers such as Isabel Marant and Givenchy gave their own signature spin on cargo pants and these cargo pants are the most sought after today. Vintage cargo pants are in supreme demand in peer-to-peer shopping apps such as Depop. Everyone is dying to get their hands on these unglamorous, stylish, and vintage cargo pants. An entire industry has been given birth due to the demands of these cargo pants.


It goes without saying that fashion is an individual choice. You may not like cargo pants or you may love them, but the alluring appeal of cargo is that they can go with anything. You can break out the cargo pants that have been seating at the back of your closet for ages and dress them up with a Carrie Brashaw-esque heel, or you can be influenced by Bella Hadid’s look and style yourself in cargo pants with your favorite pair of sneakers. The internet is a great big dark hole full of fashion looks incorporating cargo pants and the richness of the history of cargo pants means that you will find a look that best suits your choices.



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