Filing Talkdesk 210m Series
after twitter trumpbellengadget

In the wake of President Donald Trump’s unprecedented and controversial use of Twitter, the concept of the Trumpbellengadgetâ„¢ has become an interesting and much-discussed topic among political commentators and technology pundits alike. This new invention provides users with a unique way to follow the musings and activities of the President, offering an intriguing mix of


SlinTEL 20M is an investment of 20 million dollar from GGV Capital, a leading global venture capital firm that is investing in technology, media, and consumer companies internationally. This funding will help SlinTEL deliver modernized and innovative communication services to its customers in the emerging Internet-of-Things (IoT) industry. SlinTEL is a technology company providing telecoms


Twitter SciHub Indiavan is a platform that provides a unique opportunity to access world-class scientific research and development resources. The goal of SciHub Indiavan is to provide a platform for the Indian scientific community to access, share and collaborate on scientific knowledge. The platform brings together scientists from across the world, including India, to share


Sourcegraph 125m Series 2.6b is an investment round that has been made by a consortium of venture capital firms. The round is being led by Andreessen Horowitz, with additional participation from OpenView, Kleiner Perkins, and a few other investors. The investment is meant to fuel growth and development of Sourcegraph’s code search systems, which are

Why is Crypto Social Media Platform so Influential

Crypto social media platforms are undoubtedly among the most influential tools to have emerged in the Cryptosphere in recent years. These decentralized platforms offer users a variety of advantages over traditional centralized platforms, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. With the help of these platforms, users can easily trade cryptocurrencies, interact with peers, and even share

Board site reviews are helpful tools to aid businesses select a table portal software solution. That they include a handful of common features such as ease of use, responsiveness, and customer service. You will find two types of panel portals: on-site and cloud-based. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, on-site solutions are

Deal finding platforms happen to be becoming an increasingly prevalent part of the offer making process. They streamline and improve the prospecting and conversions. With the help of these platforms, solutions professionals may reduce the costs of the method and increase the quality of their offer flow. These kinds of online package sourcing networks are