Celebrities with Covid-19 Positive

Coronavirus is the virus from the SARS family, known as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. SARS is once known as the most deadly virus in some of the regions of Asia in 2003. Scientists called it Covid-19, 19 comes from 2019 as the first patient of the corona was found in December 2019. It is a deadly airborne disease, which can be spread in the air by affected ones. Almost half of the year has been gone but no vaccine has been made so far to cure the Coronavirus, the only cure for the patient is self-quarantine, means he should be kept in such soundings that neither the patient not anyone else can make contact with him nor can touch the patient. Once you get contacted by the patient then it a high probability that you can have Corona symptoms very quick. Medicines that are being used by the doctor to the patient can only be helpful to reduce the damage or to keep improve the immunity, but it not the cure of the virus.

This deadly virus has taken the many lives and impacted huge numbers of people around the world, this virus is growing blindly, it does not show the mercy on anyone, whether a person is rich or poor, cannot escape from its reach, the only solution for this to maintain a social distancing and avoiding the direct contact with people. It’s not surprising that it has affected so many famous icons around the words, some of the well-known celebrities have also been found positive. Few Celebrities with coronavirus positive are:

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi: Pakistan’s former PM.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad: Pakistan’s Railway Minister.

Jeanine Mendez: Bolivia’s President

Tom Hanks: Hollywood Celebrity.

Ogla Kurylenko: French Actress.

Chris Cuomo:  CNN news anchor.

Pink: Hollywood Singer.

Amitabh Bachchan: Famous Bollywood actor.

Wajid Khan: Bollywood Celebrity

Kanika Kapoor: Well-known Indian Singer.

Kanika Kapoor was the first Indian celebrity to be tested as Corona positive and become a topic of controversy, even after the guiding lines of government she was not following it, and reported to joining parties and having non-distancing. Due to this, she has been charged with criminal negligence by the police. There are many more well-known people on the list, including celebrities, sportsmen, politicians, and more. The Coronavirus pandemic has spread to almost 190 countries around the globe. According to a calculation out of the total population of the world, more than 15 million people have been found Corona positive. It has taken more than 6 lakh lives on the planet so far and still going on. To stop the spared of this deadly virus almost every event that includes the gathering of people has been cancelled or postponed in every region. After WHO has given the guideline for Coronavirus, the government of each country has started to follow this to avoid the spread and to control the damage. As a result, countries has been lockdown to maintain social distancing and to keep peoples in quarantine so that the spread can be stopped. We can say, the earth was in lockdown for a certain period of time, the streets were looking clean and empty without people, trains, buses, metro, and all the transportation has been stopped in lockdown. As instruction was no avoid the touches and keeping the distancing, so the companies and productions have been stopped by the government at every place. Then these organizations have taken few steps to further to do work from home so that they can manage to pay the employees in these conditions and can have some revenue even in the lockdown, well something has better than nothing. This worked well but Coronavirus has not only taken the lives but it left millions of people unemployed in the world, as resulted lots of people have changed their fields of job, and some are still searching to have one. Coronavirus has affected the world economy that has never been impacted so much. Well, things have been started after the lockdown. But not in the shape as they were. Companies are still now allowed to work with full manpower in the same place, as a result, some people are still working from home, and getting a pay cut in the salaries. People are still sitting to make some distance because it the lockdown that has over not the virus. Our Doctors and Scientist are trying hard to make a remedy for it, and they have confirmed that they can make a vaccine for it but it will take some more time, till the time it is advised to keep maintain the social distance wherever you are outside of your home.

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