Exclusive Gifts Ideas

Exclusive Gifts Ideas For the Minimalist You Know

“This one is better than the previous one”,”oh no! This one is more pretty,” it’s okay we all think a lot when we’re thinking of giving a gift to someone. There are two things to keep in mind when you’re choosing a gift for someone, one what kind of personality that person has secondly, don’t forget the gift is going to represent you and your choice. You can try custom gift boxes with logo to make those gifts more exclusive.

As mentioned in the first point, if the person to whom you’re planning to give this gift is known to you, you should have a good idea about their taste. Most of the people do get happy with any type of gifts be it small or large, but there’s this special category who might have a quite different taste and preferences comparatively to other people. “The minimalist.”

People have different terms to define a minimalist. But one should understand being a minimalist is a state of mind not a bunch of rules and types which a  person should follow. First of all minimalists are known to be content with what they have, you won’t find them crying over some materialistic thing he/she can’t have. Holding such nature a minimalist likes to acquire something that reminds of fulfilment and relieves stress.

Simplicity is the best word to define a minimalist. Now to give a gift to a minimalist who is already quite particular about things is a real choice to make. Below is a list mentioned of gift ideas that you can gift to a minimalist:

  • Oil diffuser:

Best things come in small packages! Oil diffuser is an elegant choice of gift. Try to find the one with a ceramic body and wooden legs or plastic legs with a light brown colour finish.

  • Do-it-yourself artwork:

We love Mild Woman’s hand-knitting sweater and beanie designs and modern embroidery kits.

These include beer brewing kits, DIY nut milk, and dried floral wreaths. This place is perfect for discovering a gift unique to your loved one that is interactive.

  • Candles and air fresheners:

Candles are considered to be of those warm and decent gifts. Candles generally symbolize light in the times of dark, illumination in those grey times. Nowadays more than the basic or normal candles, the scented/perfume candles are more in the preference list of people.

Air freshener is also a good option. Good air in a room with a light fragrance is a mood changer. It soothes the mind and you are good deep inside /out.

  • Portable desk lamp:

A medium size desk lamp is a great option whether you’re doing office work or doing something creative. You can always light up your study table with not so extreme bright light. A warm yellow light suits any work you do.

  • Reusable journals/notebooks:

Most of the people who have this reserve type nature also have a habit of expressing themselves by writing journals. Journals are the best friends of people who don’t like to socialize much with people. You can also make them feel the ownership towards it by having it wrapped as a custom gift box with a logo.

Live a simple yet subtle life.


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