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Exploring ThriveDX100M: A Comprehensive Overview of the Innovative Venture Capital Fund

ThriveDX100M PrytekalspachventureBeat is one of the most innovative venture capital funds in the world. It is powered by a team of specialists from four different countries: the United States, South Korea, India, and Japan. The fund is focused on investing in cutting-edge deep tech, with a primary focus on Seed, Series A, and Series B investments. This fund has been credited with helping numerous startup companies, ranging from those in the automotive, blockchain, and AI industries, to achieve success. In this article, we will explore the details of ThriveDX100M, providing an overview of what this fund can offer its investors.

Background of ThriveDX100M

ThriveDX100M is an international venture capital fund that was founded in 2017. The fund was established by Prytek, a high-technology venture capital firm based in the United States. The founders of ThriveDX100M have an extensive background in technology, venture capital, and investing, and the fund has been lauded for its forward-thinking approach to deep tech investments.

Description of ThriveDX100M’s Strategy

ThriveDX100M is focused on helping to bring innovative deep tech companies to life. To do this, the fund invests in early stage companies and helps them scale to global success. ThriveDX100M has a three-phase approach to its investments.

Phase One: Seed Funding

ThriveDX100M’s seed investments focus on helping to fund and create innovative deep tech companies. Companies invested in will receive between $500K and $5million in seed funding. This capital will be used to fund technology development, develop products and services, and bring new ideas and products to market.

Phase Two: Series A and Series B Investing

Once companies have received their initial seed funding, they can then look to ThriveDX100M for Series A and Series B investments. These investments provide additional capital to help companies scale their businesses.

Phase Three: Growth Investing

Finally, ThriveDX100M can provide growth investments to help companies continue to grow and expand their products and services. This is done by investing more money into the company, as well as helping to provide strategic guidance and mentorship.

Investment Portfolio of ThriveDX100M

ThriveDX100M has invested in numerous cutting-edge companies from around the world. These include startups from the United States, South Korea, India, and Japan. The fund has invested in companies from the automotive industry, such as Autotech Ventures, as well as those from the blockchain and AI industries, such as AIVentures and Cryptos.

Benefits for Investors

ThriveDX100M is a great opportunity for investors to invest in cutting-edge deep tech companies. The fund invests in companies across numerous industries and countries, providing investors with a diverse portfolio of investments. Additionally, the fund provides investors with access to experienced venture capitalists and advisors, who can help guide investments and provide advice when needed.


ThriveDX100M has established itself as one of the world’s most innovative venture capital funds. This fund provides investors with access to a diverse portfolio of deep tech investments, and provides companies with capital to help them scale their businesses. With its experienced venture capitalists and advisors, ThriveDX100M is a great opportunity for investors to get involved in deep tech investments.

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