Factors to Consider Before Buying Vape Pen

Vape pens are emerging devices that have gained immense popularity amongst smokers trying to quit smoking. These devices are small, reusable, and offer the same smoking experience as traditional cigarettes, but with much fewer side effects. 

Here you puff on vapors instead of smoke, which reduces damage without affecting your experience. It is also more environmentally-friendly than cigarettes. 

But they are costly and available in many different types. You will have a hard time checking and finding the perfect one for you. 

Well, this post can help you with this part by providing detail of all the factors to consider while buying an e-cigarette.

Vape Pen Type

The vape pen started with a standard type that uses a heating element to burn the smoking input and produce vapors. However, as the product became popular, several variants of it came to light. 


Presently, you will find them in many different materials, including titanium, alloy, steel, silicon, and ceramics. Some providers are also selling disposable vape pens to their customers. These innovative pens are very different from others. Unlike the other pen types, the disposable doesn’t have a rechargeable battery, and you don’t have to keep filling it. 

This vape pen also comes without a switch to start it. So, all you need is to buy it and start smoking when you want. Once its oil is vaporized, you don’t need to carry it with you, and can toss it away. The one-time usability also makes this vape pen much compact and portable than the standard reusable variants.  They are also much cheaper, and the price further reduces if you could find a disposable vape pen wholesale deal.  

Vape Pen Compatibility

There are three different types of material that you can smoke using a vape pen-oil, dry herbs, and wax. The first art will be to find out which material you normally use. You cannot try to use dry herbs in oil vape as both these elements have different burning temperatures and can damage your vape pen. Mostly, the CBD products for sale have the compatibility details on the package. 

It’s best that you buy a pen that’s compatible with all the three inputs. However, it’s your personal choice, and you can buy any variant depending on your need and finances.

Heating Method

The vape pen uses three different heating mechanisms to burn the cartridges- convection, conduction, and induction. In convection, the heat source and the filling are in different chambers with no direct contact. It helps to reduce the risk of extra combustion and wastage. 

In the case of conduction, the heat source and filling have direct contact and burn rapidly. The method is non-preferable as it reduces efficiency and increases wastage. 

The next process is induction, which is the newest of the three. Here the vape pen uses the magnetic induction principle to burn the oil or solid. This new method ensures even burn with no unwanted combustion. It’s not popular, but it’s potent. There is a huge chance that every CBD vape pen for sale will use this heating method in the coming time.  

Final Words

Apart from the factors you read above, there are also two other things you need to consider price and battery life. Usually, it’s best that you get a product that has a decent battery life and is within your financial range. 

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