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Thousands of women have browsed for waist trainer before and after images, that many have promised to deliver. Thanks to a compilation of corset training programs from the renowned corseting community, but before you will google some pictures, videos and stories of how corsets have played an intact role in helping women to reshape their bodies, some have already experienced weight loss along with their waist trainer online. A few have even gained weight, but still lost inches around their waist.

Can you exercise with the waist cincher? Yes, you can exercise with the waist cincher. In fact, if you use the zipper waist trainer when exercising, you will see faster results. However, many customers prefer to use the sports model for exercising. The waist cincher has slightly more stretch, which allows you to move more easily when doing your physical exercises. This is obviously more comfortable when you are doing abdominal exercises.

waist trainer women

According to the guidelines released by ACSM, adults should engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week. They recommend a diversified routine that includes the following three disciplines:

Cardio Exercise: Women should get at least 160 minutes of intense exercise per week, which can be 30 to 60 minutes of exercise five days per week or 20 to 60 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise three days per week.Resistance Exercise: This includes strength training of major muscle groups three or four days each week, using resistance bands, either hand weights, weight machines or other equipment. Try to complete three to four sets of each exercise, beginning with eight to 12 reps, then 11 to 15, and finally 10 to 20 to improve muscular endurance. Flexibility Exercise: It’s recommended to perform stretching or yoga two or three days per week to improve range of motion. Do each stretch for 20 to 40 seconds, then repeat the same.


This does not mean that you cannot exercise with the women waist trainer bodysuit because it is also suitable for training purposes. It simply depends on your own preference. If you have joined a waist training program then you are most likely looking to slim down your waist, and waist training can help you do that, but it will require motivation and dedication. So, remember to wear your waist trainer daily for at least 7 – 8 hours when looking to shed down some weight. If you have achieved the desired waist size, then you can decrease the amount of time you invest in training. Hence, buy waist trainer online.

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