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Here are The Types of Cotton Sarees You Should Explore

Saree is one of the Indian outfits that have evolved over the years. Though it was used as a traditional garment to mark special festivals in India, women now wear sarees every day. It is a versatile outfit that celebrities and designers alike love exploring.

One of the most comfortable fabrics used to make the saree is cotton. It is an airy fabric that is suitable to wear especially during the summer. Lots of women prefer wearing cotton sarees since they are soft on the skin and easy to maintain. Cotton is a good quality fabric that is used to make different types of sarees.

In India, there are numerous options when it comes to the cotton sarees to wear on different occasions. If you reside outside the country, you can still access cotton sarees from online shops such as Stylecaret.

Designers use different embroidery and weaving styles to produce high-quality cotton sarees. The patterns on them also come with various meanings. Below is a list of cotton sarees that you can compare to find a suitable type.

Sambalpuri saree

This cotton saree has its roots in Odisha. Though it is an old cotton saree, it features traditional weaving and beautiful ikats. Designers used different weaving techniques to come up with unique Sambalpuri sarees.

They also include traditional motifs such as wheels, shells, and flowers. They tie the threads along the fabric and then add some richness to the material.  Feel free to choose a design suits your style. It takes a lot of labor to hand-weave these sarees; thus they are relatively expensive.


In Bangalore, there is a small town known as Kanchipuram. This is where the name of this cotton saree came from. Craftsmen in this town started making the cotton saree with a lot of detail. If you need a brightly colored cotton saree, the Kanjeevaram would be an ideal choice. This design is also used to make silk sarees though you can still access a cotton Kanjeevaram saree.


Are you looking forward to attending a wedding in the summer? You need a cotton saree that represents both style and comfort. The tant saree is a form of Bengali saree which represents richness due to its beautiful designs. Its infused crispness makes it ideal for summer occasions. You can also choose the design from a variety of colors. Most Indian women find this cotton saree classy and cozy.


The Chanderi saree hails from Madhya Pradesh. It is a cotton saree that combines outstanding prints and blend of luster. The high-quality saree features Chanderi patterns that make it ideal for traditional functions. You can get one that contains traditional coin prints, geometrics, floral art or even peacock designs.

If you need a cotton saree to mark specific days in the lunar calendar, the Chanderi is a perfect choice. You can also get this type in other materials such as silk. In India, it is considered one of the finest sarees. You should, therefore, be ready to pay more for your outfit.


Your summer wardrobe is not complete without a Khadi cotton saree. Designers used hand-spun cotton yarns and traditional handloom to make this cotton saree. Such features are what make khadi cotton sarees to be comfortable even in extreme temperatures.

The unique weaving makes it a breathable material which improves the circulation of air through your cloth. Khadi sarees also add class to your collection. You can get khadi sarees in different colors to wear in different settings.


If you love sarees that come with gorgeous embroidery, you should check out the Chikankari cotton sarees. The initial designers of this fabric produced it in white embroidery, but now you can get it on all kinds of colors.

The delicate embroidery on it makes it a valuable piece to wear on special occasions such as a wedding. You should use special techniques to maintain this cotton saree due to the embroidery work on it.


Do you love plain sarees to wear to your workstation? You can get a plain cotton saree in the form of Dhakai. Though the type originates from Bangladesh, it is now popular among different western countries. Apart from the plain cotton sarees, designers sometimes make the Dhakai sarees using a golden thread they call the Zamdani.


The gadwall sarees are famous for their earth colors and light subtle. They come in colors such as earth brown, gray or off-white. You can also use such a cotton saree for an office setting. Designers sometimes include metal thread embroidery on gadwall sarees.

As the fashion industry keeps on changing, designers now include vibrant colors to make the gadwall sarees. This means that the saree is not only limited to a formal setting. Some also include copper and gold shades on the fabric. The type is more expensive compared to the ones that feature earth colors.

Kota Doria

This cotton sarees feature delicate pieces known as kharts. Though the saree is made from cotton fabric, it contains khart patterns which appear in the form of small squares on certain areas of the outfit. Most ladies love Kota Doria saris since they are light-weight to facilitate smooth movement.

Designers process the outfit by weaving the pattern in the traditional pit loom. If you want a simple Kota Doria, you can choose one that has the kharts on the edge of your pallu and match the pattern with a suitable blouse.


The fine cotton of a Pochampally saree contains geometric patterns according to the ikat style. It is a perfect outfit for casual wear such as a party or hanging out with friends. Most cotton sarees in this category are blended with silk along the pallu. The combination of the two fabrics brings out a beautiful piece that suits every occasion.

Final thoughts

Though saree are traditional garments, they now globally accepted. The decorations and weave patterns used to make cotton sarees symbolize regional differences. You can easily choose a cotton saree from the different types above. Get one that suits your style and helps you express your personality.

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