There are many famous celebrities to discuss their glamor, lifestyle, fashion, and their earnings. I am going to write here about the sexiest and beautiful Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez. She is not only the singer, she numerous talents such as acting producer and anchor.

She was born on July 24 in 1969 in Bronx, New York. Her mother was a nurse in the hospital and her father was a computer operator and specialist in it. She was curious about acting and dancing since she was a child, at the age of five she started to learn dancing, and also in love in various sports activities such as gymnastics and tennis. She started to learn singing and dancing at a little age but introduced herself on big screens when she was 16 years old. Her full name is Jennifer Lynn Lopez and also known by the nickname J.Lo. She has been followed by the industry’s most known agents in auditions, who later help her to introduce to big platforms.

She was following Madonna since her childhood and wanted to become like her. Her dream has helped her to introduce her in an in front of the audience first cast in the movie My Little Girl. Although that was just and start she started becoming a future star. Later on, in 1995 she made a  role in My Family, and after that, she also played a  big role in movies Blood and Wine, U-Turn, and Anaconda which dame her not only famous in Hollywood but she become a big celebrity of world. She was good at Dancing, Singing, and Acting, so she always wanted to do all acts that we also see in her songs. Later she worked in various songs and albums. Not only in Cinema but she has become an entrepreneur and a fashion icon, she has been a brand ambassador for many of the fashioning brands for a long time. She attends every kind of fashion and glamorous shows such as Red Carpet. That is the beauty of her to show and involve in almost every activity, so peoples and fans can see her more. She also not only a glamorous lady who just shows off her beauty, but also a hard worker who put her heart and soul in all work. She has also worked in the most famous singing reality show known as American Idol.

Jennifer Lopez has also been known as a Fashion Icon Her hairstyle is followed by all around the world by many of the models. Having long and fast-growing hair is an advance but if you are having wavy and thin hairs, you can choose the hairstyle of Jennifer Lopez without worrying about it. Her hairstyle covers large curls with the front pinned back. Having thick and full hair seems hard to maintain but she does it well and looks beautiful. Not only her hair look beautiful but many fashion expert says that her hairstyle is remarkable and looks sexy.

Have you ever thought that how much impact a celebrity can have and influence the fans? Well just look around the fan base of Jennifer Lopez, from hairstyle to dressing, people follow her in each sect. There was a time when people do not care about celebrities, what they wear, and how is the lifestyle of them. But today, it is totally different, we see almost all youth around the world follow the celebrities in fashion and lifestyle. Celebrities are the kind of influencers who attracts the young generations to do what they are doing, as a result, people follow them.  This is the main fact that most of the brands target these celebrities to market their products to reach out to everyone. This becomes a different industry that targets only these influencers. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez are more than their actual work by promoting these brands.

Jennifer Lopez has worked with various brands and promoted them by being a brand ambassador. Some of these are GUESS, Versace, and many more. You might have now know how much she earns by promoting these brands and also doing the dance and singing. Well according to some sources Jennifer Lopez’s net worth is almost $400 million. She also earns by her designer clothing line which she started in 2003. In the same year, she also released her first fragrance Glow by J.LO. She has earned a huge amount of money from various sources since she started her carrier. There might have been some hidden source of her earning so it cannot be said that these are the only


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