Know more about Different types of Electrical Earthing

Electricity is a very important part of our lives. We cannot imagine our life without electricity. Everything in our homes runs on electricity. Every device, every appliance is connected to electricity. Nothing can run without electricity in our homes or anywhere we go. Electricity is that important. Wires are the medium through which electricity travels or transmits from one place to another. Our homes, offices, and every building are made up of wires. 

Without good quality wires, electricity may not travel from one place to another. We may face short circuits in our homes and offices, which can damage our appliances and devices. We don’t want that. To avoid this problem and to prevent short circuits we need good quality wires and the right type of electrical earthing in our homes. It is the practice of electrical earthing that can save our homes from short circuits and electrical failure. So, there are different types of earthing like plate type earthing, pipe earthing, rod type earthing, neutral earthing, equipment earthing.

Different methods of earthing may work for different places. Basically, earthing is the practice that helps in sending the excess current into the ground and thus preventing a short circuit. This is done with the help of a low resistance wire. So, earthing is very important for the safety of our homes. Everyone should get earthing by an electrician if they want to prevent damage to their houses. Another important thing that must be done for the safe and smooth transaction of electric current is the usage of bird guards. They are a piece of equipment that is designed to keep on the top of a house, building, or electricity transmitting wires. Birds are often seen to be sitting on the top of houses or transmission wires and they disturb the flow of electricity. Not only that, many birds also die after getting electric shocks by sitting on these wires. So, they are a great option if you want to protect the electric transmission wires and allow the free flow of electricity. They can be easily installed on transmission wires or on any structure or building to prevent birds. So, along with earthing this thing is also very important. Now we will talk about different earthing methods and these are explained as below:

1)      Plate Type Earthing– Under this type of earthing system a plate is used for earthing. This plate is made up of copper or galvanized iron and the plate that is used for earthing is vertically placed in the pit so that whenever there is excessive current the current can flow into the ground pit easily thus preventing electric shock and short circuit.

2)      Pipe Type EarthingPipe type earthing is the most common method that is used for earthing. You will find this method has been used in a lot of buildings and homes. Under pipe type earthing a pipe that is made up of galvanized steel is placed in the ground vertically and its size depends upon the magnitude of the electric current that has to pass through it. The type of soil also helps in deciding what type of pipe is to be used under this method.

3)      Rod Type Earthing– Under this method a copper rod is used for the earthing purpose. This rod is accompanied by a galvanized steel pipe which makes it similar to a pipe type earthing method.

4)      Neutral Earthing– This method also uses a galvanized wire to connect the main machine with the earth. It is used in the case of big machinery with heavy loads like a transformer, motor. These machines have an electric current that needs to be directed in the right direction so their main system is directly connected with a galvanized wire in this case.

5)      Equipment Type Earthing– As the name suggests this type of earthing is used for electronic devices and equipment. Usually, our devices have the tendency to get short circuits and fail as a result. So, to prevent that these devices are connected with the earth directly to prevent a short circuit in it.

So, these were the types of earthing that are done to protect our electric system from failure. Without proper earthing, our electric system can fail completely and crash completely. So, all buildings require a proper earthing system.