Politics in Rajasthan

Politics in Rajasthan

India is one of the largest countries in South Asia that has Democracy. Same in India Rajasthan is of the biggest state having a great political background with a great history that inspires itself. Rajasthan is always being the most loved state by the rulers since the medieval period about 1200 AD. From the Mughals to the British Empire Rajasthan state has always a favorite place. Having a huge background full of legends Rajasthan has played a big role in the overall history of India. After the independence of India, a total of 14 CM has been ruled over the Rajasthan state by two major political parties such as India National Congress and Bhartiya Janta Party. Hira Lal Shastri was the first elected CM of Rajasthan from the Congress. Congress party has been ruling continuously until 1977 when the BJP comes into power. Congress has introduced a total of 5 CMs to state within 28 years has been remarkable. They have given a large contribution in each field like Education, technology, Agriculture, and more, until 1977. 1977 was a year for Rajasthan when the position for CM was vacant for a certain period of time and the rules and laws were imposed by the president. This last for the 54 days, until the new party, come to the rule. The government of Congress was suddenly dismissed and a new party came into the power known as BJP. This was not the first and last time, it has been done twice after 1967 in the years 1980, and 1993 when the government of Bhartiya Janta Party was dismissed two times. Well, these incidents are not often but happen in politics where the opponents are also powerful. After BJP has settled its feet well here in Rajasthan, Congress comes with different strategies and plans to grow once again and to rule of the biggest state in India. Congress took over the rule once again in 1985 in Rajasthan. From 1949 to 2020 following 14 CM has ruled Rajasthan.

Year                                       Party

1949-1977                            Indian National Congress

1977-1980                            Bhartiya Janta Party

1980-1990                            Indian National Congress

1990-1998                            Bhartiya Janta Party

1998-2003                            Indian National Congress

2003-2008                            Bhartiya Janta Party

2008-2013                            Indian National Congress

2013-2018                            Bhartiya Janta Party

2018-Present                     Indian National Congress

After 1998 it becomes a game like in every alternative period both party come to rule, or we can say they beat each other after 5 years. What is the reason behind that, well this cannot be said exactly but people of Rajasthan love to taste the different flavors of politics after each period?

In 2018 Congress again come into power with CM Ashok Gehlot who has now become the CM of Rajasthan 3rd time since 1998 within 20 years. He is of the most senior and respectable leader in India with a huge number of supporters, that is the reason he has been selected as CM although the face of CM was Sachin Pilot for the youth of Rajasthan. Sachin Pilot is the young and talented leader of Congress party and also been a candidate for CM for a long time. But the Party decided to go with the Ashok once again to have an experienced leader to rule out the biggest state of India.

Sachin Pilot is a deputy chief minister of Rajasthan state. As a member of Indian National Congress, he represents the Tonk assembly in the election. He has been a member of parliament for Ajmer and Dausa in past. Although he has been born in U.P India he has been here in Rajasthan for a long time and his father Rajesh Pilot was also a remarkable leader of Congress. Sachin Pilot has been married to Sara, the daughter of the x CM of Jammu & Kashmir Farooq Abdullah.

There’s been some crisis going on in the politics of Rajasthan. Sachin Pilot was always wanted to be a CM but he goes in the wrong way. On 12 July 2020, he went to Delhi with his supporting MLAs, according to some source he had the support of 30 MLAs and wanted the seat of CM. In reply, Ashok Gehlot has called the Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi also with the party members and held a conference about the issue, where the decision was taken against the Sachin Pilot. Sachin and his MLA have refused to join that meeting and as a result, he has been removed from the post of deputy CM of Rajasthan along with the supporting MLAs. Immediately after the incident, President of BJP has invited the Sachin Pilot to join the BJP. This can be the season why Congress claims to have BJP against this crisis.

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