PUBG Online Play game

Online games are in demand for a long time, but a Battle Royal game name “PUBG” has become the topic of discussion today. PUBG is of the most played online games. It requires a good Internet connection and a high-end device. PUBG first introduced for PC but later on after its success they launched it for mobile also which was a great hit in the mobile gaming world. After 2019 users of PUBG mobile have rapidly increased and increasing continuously, the reason behind that is, PUBG gives the True battle gaming experience in the mobile version as well and it’s easier to play on the phone as compared to PC, where you need to stay at the desk.

PUBG Mobile Classic Game Storyline

There are some different modes to play in PUBG such as Arcade, Classis, Arena Mode, Payload Mode, but the most played mode is Classis, where 100 players jump from a plane to an island, (ERANGLE, SANHOK, MIRAMAR, VIKENDI, deepening on the selection) to fight each other for the survival. The Last Man/Squad who survived wins the Chicken Dinner. There’s always a Chicken Dinner in PUBG after every win. It is also possible that you can win the Chicken Dinner without even killing a single enemy, as from one side rest enemies fight against each other while in another hand “Play Zone” (Restricted Play  Area) hit the Damage and kills too,

PUBG Gameplay Modes

Both PC and Mobile versions of it gives the same great experience and do not have major differences in game modes. You can play it in Solo, Duo, and Squad, in the above modes such as Arcade and Classis which changes with time and update.

Most of the users play classic mode, as it results in some rating and ranking, which help players to check their level of play. Depending on the map Classis mode typically takes approximately 30 min. to complete if you survive, and a second after landing if you have bad luck and didn’t find a gun quickly.

There are a lot more online games available similar to PUBG but what makes PUBG more famous is the user experience and the timely update PUBG gives to fix the bugs and make it more and more interesting by adding little more to it. If people get involved in a game that they play too much in a day, are ready to pay for it to get some adds (Skins, Outfit, Weapon finish) on in their gaming inventory. Considering this fact developer made the “Royal Pass” to buy, where you can level up your RP Points in-game and can have some advantages while others don’t have.

PUBG Online Play Game is now a competitive game around the world where, groups organize their own custom tournaments, customer tournaments of PUBG is taking place over the typical classic gameplay, as uses are loving to face famous known enemies rather killing a Bot. Custom rooms can be created from any of the accounts having a Room Card. Too much involvement in PUBG is now leading to an online stream growth, as people have started to stream their gameplay online on some social platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and earning well from it, which require no such big investment just a good device and a few connections and apps.

Is can be said that rather than a time pass, PUBG is now becoming an earning source for games around the world. PUBG Organization itself organizes the tournament of PUBG so that they can earn by advertisement and gets the investors, while the player who wins gets the huge amounts, which makes the players more enthusiastic.

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