Luckiest People in the World

Ranked: The Luckiest People in the World

Sometimes when life’s running force is with you, it doesn’t matter how many odds are you actually receiving. There have been examples of people who have lost a great deal of stuff at a certain point in their lifetimes and they still stood up and survived it mostly because of luck. Let’s look at the list of the people who had great luck in their pockets all the time:

1) Bill Morgan

Bill Morgan is an Australian citizen who had a dreadful incident in his life that made people wonder about the immense amount of luck he drives with his favorite car. During peak summer, he was going on a peaceful journey in his favorite car, and suddenly, he saw a truck raging on the way of his car. And, before he could think anything else, his car collided with the truck. For the witnesses who saw the accident happen, there’s wasn’t a bit of chance for his survival. After the examination, the doctors said that Morgan was dead for 14 frigging minutes. But miraculously, after 12 days in a coma, he came back to life. 

2) Edwin E Robinson 

Did you know that if 12,000 people are hit by lightning, only 1 of them will survive according to the probability? The chance of survival after a lightning strike is really such low. However, Edwin E Robinson who was 62 years old when the lightning hit him survived it with a score of 100. And surprisingly, he was also a deaf and blind fellow. 

When the lightning hit him, he suddenly went unconscious for 20 minutes. But soon after, he was there in fine health and was walking towards his house once again. It surprised everyone in the community as well as the doctors. 

3) Joan R Ginther

When it comes to buy a lottery ticket and win, it is already as tough as the Achilles heels. But would you believe if someone told you that one person was lucky enough to win the lottery four times? You wouldn’t, right? Well, Joan Ginther is that person. 

And don’t worry, she didn’t win the measly amounts of $10 and $20. She won 5.4 Million dollars the first time, 2 million dollars the second time, 3 million dollars the third time, and 10 million dollars the fourth time. 

4) Tsutomu Yamaguchi 

World war II was something when almost the whole world jumped into bloodshed and the whole of humanity is still ashamed because of it. While this war brought misfortune for a large number of people, there was a guy who came out very lucky. His name was Tsutomu Yamaguchi. 

He surprisingly survived the nuclear blast of Nagasaki as well as the second blast. Then he decided that he will make it his life’s goal to protest against nuclear weapons. 

These details of the luckiest people are fascinating and thoughts-generating at the same time. These stories are enough to make anyone believe in luck even if he never did it in the first place. Without a doubt, luck holds a huge value in one’s life along with hard work. 


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