Luckiest People in the World

Revealed: The Luckiest People in the World

In this very age of science and information technology, the belief of people in pure luck has dwindled. However, the number of luck-believers is also increasing day by day. And there are several examples of people whom lives turn a big positive turn due to good luck. There are also people whose everything was on the verge of destruction but as the luck was with them, they survived the extremely adverse and impossible situations. 

1) Maarten De Jonge

Luck can’t always be defined as a factor that saves you from a certain dangerous condition, a long-lasting illness, or something that changes your life or makes you rich. If you are saved from an impending accident because of getting late or missing a train, that’s also luck. 

A person named Maarten De Jonge was saved from a plane crash due to luck because the end-moment circumstances made him cancel the crashing flights and take the cheaper flights instead. 

2) Nichiren

If you were born in the 12th century, Nichiren was a name you would know. He was one of the very famous monks of that century and always spread awareness towards Buddhism. Still, his life wasn’t easy. In fact, one could say that it was full of agony. Many times the local authorities who feared his writings sentenced him to death by beheading. But surprisingly, when he was about to be hanged, the executioner was dead due to a lightning strike and he was able to escape. Hence, the authorities allowed him to leave the country and live his life in peace. 

3) Terri Preece

Most people who love oysters love seafood. In a fine dining restaurant, oysters are prepared as a delicacy. Their flavor, their aroma, and texture are savored by an immense amount of food lovers.

Terri Preece, when she was eating an oyster, she found a pearl in one of them. And when she moved to her home, she visited the nearby gems shop to turn the pearl into a ring. The salesman told her that the ring would be worth a whopping 500 U.S. dollars. She still has the ring as a sign of good fortune. 

4) Anders Helstrup

Skydiving is definitely an extreme sport that isn’t for people with weak hearts. A great amount of danger is always stuck with skydiving. Anders Helstrup, who was enjoying his Skydiving experience during a fine evening, a meteorite blast happened 20-kilo meters above him and several meteorites start to fall on his flying course. And this isn’t a story that he made up to tell his friends. He had a video camera and he recorded the complete scene. The geologists were also very surprised and awestruck to see the recordings. Later he tried to find those fallen rocks but know what, he couldn’t find a single one of them so far. 

No matter how much we support hard work over luck, we still see here and there that when luck comes into action, it becomes clearly visible. Hard work, on the other hand, is a must but certain dreadful situations in our lives demonstrate that until we are lucky enough, we can’t get out of them.