Some of the Low Budget Value For Money Phone

Some of the best low budget phones offer value for money with respect to their features and performance. There are many good models available under 10,000INR. Flagship smartphones are becoming more and more expensive, as new models are dished out by brands every year.


Thinking of prices that go up to a lakh plus for a smartphone can be daunting to some. Fortunately, there are several phones on the market, which though not categorized as luxury phones, still have some flagship features that will take you a long way. These are affordable, yet appealing to the average smartphone user.

You’ll be amazed to discover the best phones under 10000 INR have incredible displays and other specs that will aid smartphone use very smoothly. It’s important to note that there is no perfect phone. If the phone you choose does your job well, then it’s okay if it isn’t a high-end one.

The best of the best iPhones don’t have a great reputation for cameras or different features, but people harbour dreams of owning them. A cheap phone may do a regular job just as well, if not better.

With Chinese brands entering the smartphone marketplace with a bang, the average consumer has an array of great phones to select from. These phones are affordable, and even the flagship ones don’t break your bank account. The reason why Chinese phones sell at such cheap (and competitive) rates is because parts are sourced locally, and labour is cheap.

Furthermore, Chinese companies keep their profit margins extremely narrow. They depend on profit from the bulk of their sales rather than from each single unit sold. The cheaper these phones are, the more of them people will buy, and that’s how companies earn their bread. With a systematic trickle-down effect, you can buy really good devices with appealing flagship components for a fraction of the cost of a high-end phone.

Many of these are 4GB RAM mobiles, and have power packed processors. In fact, even mid-range devices will have to contend with budget friendly handsets. Pixel 5, introduced recently, will have some competition on its hands as the Snapdragon 765G processor that it boasts, comes in many low budget phones too.

Decent Specs

Typically, you will find budget-friendly phones commonly including everything from wireless charging to dual-sensor advanced cameras. These are awesome developments for cheaper 4GB RAM mobile. Nonetheless, you may find it a bit tricky to find out which budget phone suits your requirements.

Do you want an inexpensive phone which is 5G-enabled? Are you ready to compromise on the processor for more battery life? These are some of the questions only the user of the phone can answer. Still, there’s a list of the best phones under 10,000 INR that will help you to thin down your choice.

Phones to Consider

Here are some great picks in the budget category of phones.

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Prime – This is a fantastic affordable phone with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, with a 6.53-inch large display in full HD. The phone gets its power through a MediaTek G80 chipset, and runs on Android v.10 OS.

With an AI quad-rear camera array, with 13MP primary shooter, the phone snaps top-class pictures. Boasting a 5050mAh battery, the phone will last long after a full charge.

Motorola Moto Power Lite G8 – Launched with Android v.9.0 (Pie) OS, this smartphone has a moderately large display which is easy on the eyes. Available with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, this phone comes with a savvy MediaTek P35 chipset and a decently large 5000mAh battery. With an 8MP front camera, it has 3 rear cameras, with one being a 2MP depth sensor.

Techno Spark Power 2 – Techno, the tech giant, has a new smartphone for the budget Indian buyer, which comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. The front camera is an impressive 16MP, and the phone has three rear cameras supported by AI. On offer with a 6000mAh battery and a MediaTek P22 octa-core processor, this phone is one of the best budget-friendly devices in the market.

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