Spotify is one of the most popular online music streaming apps that give you access to thousands of songs, podcasts from all your favorite artists. This vast library of music can be accessed for free and that’s what makes using Spotify interesting. To get access to music and podcasts, the users will have to sign up using their social media account. Well, there’s no commitment to using this app, however, you can always choose to go with an ad-free, Spotify experience by availing monthly subscription. You can dial Spotify Phone Number if you are keen on experiencing and accessing ad-free music. There are notable differences between the paid and free Spotify Versions.

How to Create Your Account on Spotify?

If you are new to Spotify, you will need to create an account on Spotify to get access to your favorite songs. Creating an account on Spotify is a simple and straightforward process. Follow these instructions to create an account on Spotify.

  • Download the Spotify App available for Android and iOS.
  • Once the application is installed on your phone, open the application.
  • You will see the option to “Sign Up Using Facebook”. Click on that.
  • Your account will be automatically created on Spotify.
  • You can access the latest music, discover new songs, and more.
  • If you are not liking this free version, you can subscribe to the Spotify Paid Version easily and redefine your experience.

What Are the Features That Come with Free Spotify Version?

As we said, there is absolutely no commitment and you can use Spotify to listen to your favorite songs for free. Spotify is easily available and free to use however, the features are limited when you compare it with a paid Spotify Version. With Spotify’s free plan, you can access songs, discover new music, and easily share your favorite songs with your friends. Spotify Free Version is easily accessible on Smartphones, Tablets, and computers. One thing that might bother you is the advertisement. Yes, Free Spotify Version forces users to listen to the advertisement and there’s no option to skip the advertisement. For that reason, people generally dial Spotify Customer Helpline Number to subscribe to a paid version.

Spotify’s premium version lets you hear your favorite music in a high-quality, create, and edit playlist. There is no advertisement and the users can skip the music they don’t want to listen to. In addition to that, With Paid Spotify Version, the users can listen to their favorite tunes offline and save data while they are traveling.

Is It Possible to Download Music from Spotify?

Well, With Spotify, you can access your favorite music in offline mode and this might be different from actually downloading music on your phone. The idea behind providing “Offline Mode Feature” to users is to help them to save their data while they are hitting the road and easily access these tracks. Unlike in the traditional times, you can’t burn these songs into CDs or anything else. Spotify Premium lets you store up to 10,0000 songs on five different devices and if you are wondering how to download the songs, Spotify has taken care of that as well. Downloading songs and creating a playlist is a simple, and easy task.

What is Spotify’s, Private Listening Mode?

Spotify has this feature where if you have signed up your account using Facebook, your friends will be able to see what sort of music you are listening to. Not just that, you can also share these songs with them. However, there are times when you don’t want anyone to know about the music or album you are stuck with. For that reason, Spotify has provided “Private Listening Mode”. Once you choose this setting, nobody will see what music or album you are listening to.

How to Delete Your Spotify Account?

For those who decide to never use Spotify, they can easily delete their account with a bunch of steps. Follow these instructions to permanently delete your Spotify account.

  • Login to your app and visit the Spotify Help Section Page.
  • Choose “Account”.
  • You will find a number of options.
  • Select the one that says to delete your account.
  • Click on that and your account will be closed permanently.

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