Indian food in Toronto

The best Indian food in Toronto that you should try

India offers a wide variety of cuisines, each having a unique combination of spices and flavors. This makes Indian cuisines a favorite among food connoisseurs around the world. The unique riot of varied spices entices millions across the world and can transport you to an alternate heaven.


So, if you haven’t tasted Indian cuisine till date, it is high time to try it now. And do not worry. You do not need to travel all the way to India to experience the divine taste. There are Indian restaurants in Toronto that bring the taste of India at your doorstep, well almost.


So, whether you are a first-time visitor or a resident of Canada and are looking to taste Indian food in Toronto, there are plenty of excellent restaurants available to satiate your cravings. One such great option is Addabistro. The restaurant stands apart from its competitors by serving great tasting Indian cuisine made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients.


Besides, the restaurant also offers a pleasant ambience where people can come, relax, and have a great time. In short, the restaurant allows you to experience the Adda culture that characterizes Indian households. So, the next time you end up at Addabistro looking to taste some hot Indian cuisines, here are a few preparations you can try:




Peanut chat


The chefs at Addabistro prepare this great starter with locally sourced fresh peanuts that are tossed with lemon, tomatoes, chilies, and a hint of chat masala. Chat is the favorite street food amongst many Indians and can set the mood by introducing you to a mix of different flavors.


Pani puri shots


Pani Puri is another great Indian street food that is favored by many. Recently, the dish has also gained international popularity. At Addabistro, Pani Puri is made in the traditional way by stuffing fried hollow shells with spice-infused mashed potatoes.


They are served in 3 different flavored water – sweet and salty, yogurt infused and tangy spicy. You also have the option of adding Tequila to your Pani Puri shots by paying a little extra.


Other starters


Besides these delicacies, there are other exquisite options like Vada Pav Slider, Chicken Cutlet, Deviled Eggs, Chicken 65, Fish Fry, Fried Chicken, etc. At Addabistro, you can taste and experience delicacies from all over India.


Main Course


Now that we have given you a lowdown on the starters available, let’s talk about the main course.


Adda Chicken Lunch


Want to know what a traditionally cooked Bengali-style chicken curry tastes like? Then you cannot give this dish a miss. The dish is a complete package and comes with steamed Basmati rice, chicken curry cooked in the traditional Bengali way, Mango Chutney, and Papad.


Butter Chicken/ Paneer


It is one of the most favorite Indian cuisines across people of diverse nationalities. In this preparation, they cook the chicken in a paste of spicy tomato, butter, cream sauce, etc. The dish will introduce you to a variety of spices and the rich flavors commonly associated with Indian food.


People often enjoy butter chicken with some type of flatbread (called Naan). Addabistro offers Naan in varied flavors, including the plain, butter, garlic, and cheese. The naan is very soft in texture and is used for sopping the buttery and creamy curry of butter chicken. Besides butter chicken, the restaurant also offers butter paneer wherein paneer is used instead of chicken.


Dal Makhani


If you are looking to taste authentic Indian food in Toronto, you should not ignore Dal Makhani. The dish is prepared by mixing red kidney beans and black lentils that are cooked together in creamy tomato sauce blended with spices and butter.


At Addabistro, they offer you a special variant of Dal Makhani that is cooked slowly on hickory woods and therefore consists of a smoky flavor. The diners at the restaurant often enjoy this delicacy with rice or naan.




Biryani is an example of that perfect Indian cuisine that needs no introduction. Amongst the different culinary variants that the country offers, Biryani ranks as the eternal favorite. There are many local and hyper-local variants of this dish that appears as the melting point of diverse flavors.


Addabistro brings to you this perfect gastronomical delight in veg, mutton, and chicken variants and is a must-try recipe for all those looking for Indian food in Toronto.


Other Options


Besides the options mentioned above, there are several other main course dishes available at Addabistro like Burgers, Mughlai Paratha, Lal Maas Tacos, Dal Tadka, Malabari fish curry, etc.  You can also experience deserts, tandoors, cocktails, mocktails, alcoholic beverages, etc.


Final Words


If you are looking for a top-rated Indian restaurant in Toronto to taste highly-talked about Indian dishes, then you must pay a visit to Addabistro. The restaurant offers great food and an equally great ambience to charm you.


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