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The Different Types Of Vapes You Need To Know About

Even though there are various reasons to take on vaping, most people do because of their desire to quit smoking. No wonder many people do because they enjoy it. Let’s be honest that shopping for vapes can be confusing. With so many options available in the market today, it can be confusing and really hard to find the right device that suits our needs. We will keep searching “vape shop near me” to find a shop where we can go and buy the vape. However, before purchasing any vape that is just not right for us, it is better to learn about different types of vapes.

Below are different types of vapes. This guide will surely serve as a guide to beginners to help them make an informed decision before making a purchase.

  1. E-Cigarettes:

E-Cigarettes or “Cigalikes”, as the same suggests, are designed to look similar to cigarettes in shape and size. Even though people refer to vapes as “E-Cigarettes” from time to time, the term that is most commonly used for this vape is electronic cigarettes. This usually comes in one or two-piece designs. One-piece designed vapes are usually disposable, while two-piece e-cigarettes come with replaceable cartridges. These vapes are fairly easy to operate. We can say a newbie or entry-level person can try with this vape.

The whole idea of e-cigarettes was to encourage the transition from smoking to vaping. We can go for this vape if we want to quit smoking.

  1. Pod Vape:

Pod vape is some of the most popular vaping devices in the market today. One major difference between e-cigarettes and pod vape is the level of nicotine. Pod vape usually performs at a higher level and is perfect for nicotine salt e-liquid (making it efficient for smooth nicotine delivery). These vapes are two-piece devices one being the battery, and the other a replaceable cartridge or a refillable pod. The pod vapes are also popular among smokers who are in the process of trying to quit smoking.

  1. Vape Pens:

Vape pens are similar to e-cigarettes in shape, but pens are generally bigger and hence give a normal cylindrical or shape like a normal pen. The pen has comparatively better performance, a more powerful battery, and is capable of delivering huge clouds. The device comprises two parts: a battery (internal) and the tank. Some of the parts of the vape pens are detachable, while others are all-in-one piece. The pan provides unmatched flexibility and a wonderful vaping experience.

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  1. Box Mod Kits:

Box mod kits are preferred for intermediate or advanced vape users. Once we have developed a taste for vaping and want to take it to the next level, box mod kits are the best. The device is large in size, even as compared to pens, and this means they are more capable of better performance, huge clouds, flavor production, and more battery life. Unlike other e-cigarettes, pens, or pods, the box mod kits come with more settings and features like variable wattage to choose from or even more temperature control capabilities.



With different types of vapes available today, it is vital to purchase a device that suits all our needs and preferences. Sun Burst Smoke Shop, a vape shop in Glendale, AZ, offers a range of premium vape products. For smokers who are trying to quit smoking, it is advised to start with a simple device and not a big device like a box mod kit.

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