Nahargarh Fort Cycling Tour

The Pink City Tourism – A Heaven for Food Lovers

If you were tasked to enlist the most colourful state in India, what would it be? For me, it will without a doubt – the incredible Rajasthan. Here, you can find more radiant colours with every step you have taken. Many tourists and historians even say that Rajasthan is the only ‘True India’. My first visit to Rajasthan started by stepping my foot in the city covered in a lovely pink colour – Jaipur. It is also known as the Pink City of India. 

The people here are so welcoming for new guests and they act by the official slogan of Rajasthan which is “Padharo Mahare Desh” and “Atithi Devo Bhav”. That means they consider their visitors, guests, and tourists as deities and respect them as such. My first sight to see in Jaipur was Nahargarh Fort Cycling Tour. However, I was literally mesmerized by the well-organized formation of the city. 

The city is thousands of years old and yet it has been planned very thoroughly, depicting a grid format. But, be wary of its size. The Pink City is so big that your legs might ache if all you are going to do is – walking. On the other hand, it might get confusing and may appear like a maze if you don’t know your way around. But that’s nothing to worry as the people here are so welcoming, supportive, and gentle. Despite having no knowledge of the language you speak the Jaipurites will leave no stone unturned to help you reach your destination in the most comfortable way. That’s the beauty of this city. 

Well, without a doubt, it traffic in the city might seem a bit chaotic to you if you have come from a peaceful piece of land on the earth. You might feel for a second that you are in New York City by looking at the traffic and the pedestrians. The buildings, however, are not as sky-high as the New York City because the people of Jaipur didn’t want their original ‘Char Diwari’ to lose its traditional appeal. 

The main city is still almost the same as it used to be during the times of kings and the queen. And the main city is itself a spot to sightseeing in Jaipur if you are coming here for the first time in your life. And definitely, you won’t regret it. Everything here, from top to bottom is covered in a pink-red paint, making you feel like you have entered in a city that does not belong to this planet. 

I forgot to mention the food the street hawkers offer in those pink street. Be ready to challenge your taste buds with the tangy and spicy dishes they prepare for you. You might get something like that again in your life. On top of that, the food is way cheaper here than one can imagine. In 1 United States Dollar, you might enjoy three to four cool street food items and your stomach won’t have any more space to be filled. Yep, it is that cheap. 

With just one dollar bill you can get a plate of famous samosa, a plate of dahi pani puri, a scoop of ice cream, and spicy Chola kulcha. If you are a person with a tiny appetite, trust me, you will be full even before spending the dollar bill in your pocket. Why? Because the portion is good-sized or large for an adult. I just ate a plate of Chola Kulcha one day while I was wandering around Pink City’s amazing street, and it was so heavy that I called it a day. Moreover, if you are lucky enough, you will be stumbled upon a full-diet thali setup where you can eat as much as you can in a thali where assorted dishes are present. 

At peak hours, the city indeed gets chaotic and you might have to make your way among the crowd of people to get ahead. It is because the city of Jaipur is increasingly getting popular among businessmen and with more businessmen, more employment opportunities have become available. 

The city is now a mix of a food hub, and economic capital, and IT blooming ground, and a builder’s paradise. And on top of that, Jaipur comes in the top five most favorite tourism destination in India. Even the smallest brick in the city sings songs of its history, the amazing tradition, and the outstanding hospitality the people of Jaipur shows towards tourism. 

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