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Tips for Boarding a Dog with Separation Anxiety

Hey Sydneysiders!

Have you ever wondered why your dogs start chewing and destroying your expensive items when they are home alone? 

If such a thing happens, there are chances that your dog suffers from separation anxiety. 

Well, this becomes more difficult when you are planning to go out on vacation and board your dog at such boarding facilities. 

Your dog might become uncomfortable with the idea of dog boarding.

But don’t worry! numerous dog boarding services in Sydney guarantee to take special care of your dogs in your absence. 

But before availing of such services, it’s important to prepare your dog well to handle separation anxiety.

In this guide, we will give you various tips that need to be followed to avoid separation anxiety during boarding. 

Let’s read further to know the details. 


How do you board a dog with separation anxiety?


Choosing the Right Boarding Facility

In selecting a boarding facility in Sydney for a dog with separation anxiety, it is essential to prioritize establishments with experience in handling anxious pets. 

Visiting the facility beforehand allows you to assess its suitability, cleanliness, and overall environment, ensuring it meets the specific needs of your dog.


Gradual Exposure to the Boarding Environment

To ease your dog into the boarding experience, initiate a gradual exposure process. 

Begin with short visits and progressively extend the duration over time. 

This helps acclimate your dog to the new surroundings and minimizes stress.


Creating a Familiar Environment

Providing familiar items from home, such as your dog’s bed, blanket, or favorite toys, can offer a sense of comfort and security. 

Including items with your scent, like a worn t-shirt, can further reassure your pet during their stay.


Clear Communication and Instructions

Effective communication with the boarding staff is crucial. 

Clearly convey your dog’s routines, feeding schedules, and any specific instructions. 

This ensures the staff can maintain continuity in care and attend to your dog’s individual needs.


Medication and Special Needs

If your dog requires medication or has specific needs, provide detailed instructions to the boarding staff.

Ensure they are trained to administer any necessary medications or supplements and communicate any behavioral cues that may indicate anxiety.


Maintaining Regular Updates

Choose a boarding facility that offers regular updates, such as photos or messages, to keep you informed about your dog’s well-being.

Staying connected in this way can provide peace of mind and help alleviate any concerns.


Familiarizing Your Dog with Staff Members

Introduce your dog to the staff members who will be caring for them during the boarding period. 

This can help establish a connection and build trust between your dog and the caregivers, reducing anxiety.


Providing a Personalized Comfort Item

Include a special comfort item, like a recently worn article of clothing, that carries your scent. 

This personalized item can act as a source of comfort and familiarity for your dog when you’re not present.


Monitoring Behavior and Adjusting Strategies

Stay in close communication with the boarding facility staff throughout your dog’s stay. 

Regular updates on your dog’s behavior allow for prompt adjustments to the care plan if needed, ensuring that any signs of increased anxiety are addressed promptly.


Emergency Plan and Contact Information

Provide the boarding facility with detailed emergency contact information, including your vet’s details. 

Discuss and confirm the facility’s procedures for handling emergencies and any specific instructions you have in case of unexpected situations.



In summary, boarding a dog with separation anxiety demands a thoughtful approach. 

Choose a specialized facility, introduce familiar items and scents, and gradually expose your pet to the environment. 

Clear communication, positive reinforcement, and established routines contribute to a sense of security. 

Calming products, personalized items, and familiarity with staff further enhance the experience. 

Regular monitoring, emergency plans, and trial sleepovers offer additional layers of care. Tailor your approach to your dog’s unique needs, creating an environment that fosters familiarity and positive association.

The goal is to ensure your pet feels comfortable and cared for during their stay, allowing you to travel with confidence, knowing they are in capable and compassionate hands.

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