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Customer Loyalty Impacts Your Marketing Strategy


Customer Loyalty Impacts Your Marketing Strategy


The last time I posted(Buy Facebook followers) a piece on the facts about customer loyalty.

This truth, which I discovered in an excellent article written published by A.G. Lafley and Roger L. Martin, the authors, is that consumers don’t exhibit the same behavior when they purchase the same items repeatedly.

Customers return to a product because the purchase process is easy and automated. They’ve never encountered an excuse not to buy the item.

In the end, it’s positive experiences that make clients “loyal” and negative ones that drive them away.


How Customer Loyalty Influences Your Marketing Strategy


What you write about your service or product is essential, but not more than the quality of experience.

Once you’ve got your foot inside the door and your foot in the door, the rest is making sure that the door stays open.

With the fact about customer loyalty, I have come up with a couple of concrete ways to impact your marketing plan.


An Altered Psychology

Suppose the main reason customers stay “loyal” to a particular brand is the human brain’s need to be automatic.

In that case, marketers have to be aware of this shift in their psychological state and, most importantly. It alters their perception of marketing.

I made it clear in my last blog post on this subject, and I’ll repeat it. Marketing messages are still important. Many. However, there’s a need for more excellent care and consideration in creating these messages.

It’s an astonishing statistic in new research conducted by Deloitte 89 percent of customers in the UK.

The US said that 89% of customers in the US and UK have said that they make choices based on customer experience before price or the quality of the product.

It’s not about offering the lowest price or the most luxurious features or even saying that you will do everything to get people to buy.

There’s no need to persuade current customers to purchase products or services repeatedly. They’re already begging for this.

It’s about establishing your marketing campaign fact, trusting the product you sell. Delivering the best customer experience that your customers want.



Make Your Customer’s Experience Better With Your Marketing Story

Poor customer experiences are often caused by a gap between what a brand claims it will deliver and the experience it provides.

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If you establish an expectation and you’re required to meet it. 82% of customers are not likely to do business with you if they have an unresolved lousy experience. Businesses cannot survive that type of business turnover.


How can you create excellent customer service?


It starts and ends with your message. Every company can spread a positive message regarding their products and services. However, sometimes, they are too caught up in the hype.

We believe that our customers will always want more at the most affordable price. However, the customers want these things, not at the cost of the best experience.

Consider your marketing campaign as both an opportunity and an obligation. You can create a successful campaign by creating the right message.

Your responsibility is to your clients and your brand to be truthful regarding your products and services.

Creating great customer experiences begins with your message for marketing but make sure it doesn’t stop there.


Deliver Your Promise

This brings us to a different question: What constitutes a “great” client experience? In simple terms, it’s a positive experience that matches your advertising message.

If you are aware that your products or services cannot meet certain limitations and capabilities.

Ensure you’re honest regarding what you will be able to deliver. Even if the product or service you offer isn’t as impressive as your other competitors. Your clients are sure to be pleased if you follow through with your word.

All you need to do is, be honest. It may sound fantastic to claim that your product has A B C, A D as well as E.

If the truth is that your product isn’t currently able to do E (even even though you’re planning on developing these features shortly), Do not market your product that way!

If any element of your experience doesn’t satisfy the expectations you have set for your clients, they’ll think it was a bad experience. Any breach of a promise, even one tiny part, remains a contract violation.

Broken promises do not leave customers satisfied.



The most frustrating aspect of companies that provide poor customer service is that they can do so with all their potential. It’s an easy concept, yet many brands fail to see the opportunities before them.

When it comes down to consumers, they want simplicity. They would like to find products or services that they can repeatedly purchase when they are in want. It’s human nature.

We do not want to repeat the same procedure each time we require something. When satisfied with a service or product, the brain tells us that “If it’s not broken, don’t repair it!”

It appears to be an oversimplified statement, and it’s not. You can promise what you will deliver, then deliver it and be sure to reap the benefits of repeated business. It’s, literally, science.