What are the Latest Features of smart TV?

Rising technological advancements and global adoption of these technologies are set to bolster the growth of Smart TVs within the Indian subcontinent. One of the most vital features is internet connectivity that allows users to consume OTT content from their favourite streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

However, every television with some form of internet connectivity cannot be termed a Smart TV. Apart from LG, TCL, and Samsung TV price, mentioned below is a list of the latest must-have features if an individual is on the lookout for a smart TV.

Latest Smart TV features

Buyers should keep an eye on the following features when in the market to buy a smart TV.

  1. Screen size

Depending on where the TV will be mounted, screen size plays a vital role in defining the media consumption experience. Individuals should check the available space and then opt for a 32 or 43-inch smart TV. Opt for larger 55 or 65-inch unit for dining halls and large rooms.

  1. Snappy user interface

Most Smart TVs come with a custom skin on top of the OS to enrich the user experience. In modern-day units, faster processors and tailored OS skins reduce the response time, offering a quick and snappy UI.

  1. Support for OTT platforms

Latest Smart televisions come with native support for streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and many more via dedicated applications.Further, 4K TVs support UHD content playback if the device is connected to a fast internet connection.

  1. Voice assistant

Many modern-day units come equipped with a voice assistant, either built into the remote control or TV. These assistants can be used for universal web searches, finding content across streaming apps, searching music, and changing channels, among other commands.

  1. Recommendation engine

For individuals who can extend their budget and not worry about Samsung TV price, he/she can get take advantage of the recommendation engine baked into premium smart TVs. Similar to Netflix and Spotify’s content recommendation, televisions can suggest web searches and media based on the user’s watch history.

  1. App store

These days, most smart TVs have a built-in app store, from where users can download third-party applications. Such apps further improve televisions’ usability in an IoT environment, as Smart TVs can be used as an interaction point for several other gadgets and sensors in one’s home.

  1. Media casting

Native casting enhances the media consumption experience multi-fold. Users can cast movies and videos from their mobile phone to a larger 32 or 43-inch smart TV with a louder speaker system. Further, TV displays can also be used as a photo frame by casting photos wirelessly.

To make such a big-ticket purchase, an individual can use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card and grab the best products by financing the cost of premium smart TVs. This card comes with a pre-approved credit limit of up to Rs.4 lakh, which can be spent on over 1 lakh partner stores across the country.

For upgrading the cinema viewing experience, an individual will need to look past the Samsung TV price and instead look for the best and latest features offered by smart television manufacturers. Only then you can select the best TV matching your requirements. So enjoy watching free series of Watchcartoononline in English at these amazing smart TV.





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