What Are The Perks Of Drinking Bone Broth?

For hundreds of years, there have been a number of traditional foods like cultured dairy and fermented vegetables. They are well known for their health benefits. 

However, one common healing food that has gained popularity these days is organic bone broth. With that being said let us help you understand everything you should know about the benefits of drinking bone broth.

Bone broth: A Brief

Can you go without drinking chicken soup? Well, no one can except vegetarians. There are a plethora of reasons why doctors prescribe the same.

Chicken bone broth, beef bone broth, and vegan bone broth- are known to be the staples in every traditional diet. Wondering why? Because it is easy to digest, rich in flavor, contains nutrients, and boosts healing. 

Benefits of drinking bone broth

There are umpteen number of benefits of drinking bone broth no matter whether it is beef bone broth or vegan bone broth. 

Below are them:

  1. Helps in sleeping: A eight hours sleep is a must. Thus, it is essential to get enough sleep to avoid severe health problems. One primary reason why bone broth is healthy is that it consists of glycine. 

This is an element that supports the CNS( Central Nervous System). If you drink some bone broth before you go to sleep, glycine may help you sleep. You no more have to go through those panic or anxiety attacks.

  1. Keeps your nails, hair, and skin strong: Even if you were not aware of the benefits of bone broth before, you possibly have heard about collagen. Well, the credit goes to the beauty industry. 

A lot of companies provide face creams, serums, moisturizers, and sell them to people for a pretty penny. Nevertheless, one crucial fact that most of them do not know is the skin does not easily absorb those collagen molecules. This means that these creams do not provide the best results.

  1. Enhanced digestive health: There is no denying the fact that bone broth has been used as a digestive tonic for thousands of years. At present, it is one of the most recommended foods in order to stay fit and healthy.

Can you take plants in place of bone broth?

The answer is a big no. Plants are known to be a great source of minerals and vitamins. However, till date there is no plant which provides type II collagen. One thing you should know about what sets bone broth apart from a plant is even if you have a lot of plants, you may not be able to absorb them fully. 

Whereas, the collagen present in bone broth is very easy to absorb even for people who have compromised digestive systems.

The final words

These were some of the benefits of having organic bone broth. Make sure you keep them in mind. Whether you decide to drink/eat chicken bone broth, beef bone broth, or more, you should know that all of them provide a lot of benefits. 

In case of any doubt, feel free to speak to your doctor about the same. Doing so will clear all the doubts you may have. 

Happy drinking!

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