What is Bank Routing Number

What does ABA routing transit number mean, how to find it on your check and decipher it. How to identify a bank branch by routing number.

Such a concept as aba routing number is translated from English as a routing number. This number is assigned exclusively to large financial institutions, and it is issued by the Banking Association of America.

It helps to identify the banking institution when processing a check. Consists of 9 digits or a fractional number and is usually indicated on payment checks, it is not so difficult to find it.

Where is the routing number on the check

The location on the check aba routing number directly depends on whether this number is indicated as an integer nine-digit or fractional number. For example, if we are talking about a digital nine-digit number, then it is usually located at the bottom of the check, namely in the lower corner, or closer to the central part. Routes, in this case, are called the first four digits.

If we are talking about a fractional routing number, then it is located at the top of the check, and more specifically, in its right corner.

How do I find out the routing number of my bank or credit union?

You can find your financial institution number on the ABA website at The system allows only 2 searches per day and no more than 10 per month. If you need more searches, then you need to request special access to the contacts listed on the site. You can also find out the aba routing number of your financial institution on the website (without restrictions), with the reverse search type (by number) you will find the contact details of the branch, where you can contact the bank to clarify the data.

What do the digits of the routing number mean?

And so, as mentioned earlier, the 4 digits at the beginning of the aba routing number are called “routing”. These numbers indicate the Federal District to which the check will be sent specifically, which is why they got that name.

Also, these numbers indicate the reserve bank or a specific division that serves the financial institution for which the check was issued. The next 4 digits identify the financial institution in whose name the check was issued, and the last digit in this code acts as a check digit. If we talk about decoding the fractional routing number, then its numerator is the transit number ABA, and the denominator is the routing symbol of the issued check.

How to find bank routing number

Each bank routing number can be searched online. This search is designed specifically for people who desperately need to find the routing number of their particular financial institution quickly and without problems. On search sites, restrictions are often set, for example, you can search for no more than other numbers per day or the like. Often times, searches are limited to 10 or 20 attempts per month. Also, you can get a routing number from your own checkbook or by contacting a banking institution.

The user can find his routing number on deposit sheets or using the automatic calculation form on the official website of his bank. It is important that only one number was used for one account, which will greatly simplify the search processes. It is worth noting that some financial institutions do not use the same number for checks, wire transfers, and electronic invoices. A routing number is a mark that greatly simplifies the process of processing checks, helps to make financial transactions faster and more reliable, allows you to actively use new technologies for electronic transactions, so the information about it is worth knowing.

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