What is PMP certification training?

The Project Management Professional certification is the desired certification for the Project Managers who are looking for great exposure in the Project Management field. Project Managers are the key professionals in the entire project management life cycle. They are continuously engaged in the planning and management of complex projects. The PMP certification online is an internationally recognized credential that allows individuals the scope to have a global lookout as the PMP certification not only maximizes the employability rate but at the same time, it also delivers great exposure in the project management domain.

PMP certification is governed by the Project Management Institute that offers the credential to those who qualify for the PMP examination. PMI regulates and formulates all the guidelines and changes pertaining to the Project Management Professional certification. PMP certification is a much sought-after certification for project managers across the globe. Those who are aspiring to become a Project Manager must refer to the guidelines issued by the Project Management Institute. The eligibility criteria play a crucial role in the entire project management professional certification.

In this paper today, we are going to look at the many attributes related to the Project management professional certification and will also cover how one can take the PMP certification in order to become a certified Project Manager. To begin, let us first understand what Project Management is and what are the roles and responsibilities of a Project Manager.

What is Project Management?

The Project Management Professional certification is a globally recognized certification that allows individuals the scope through which they are able to become competent project managers with knowledge and skills that are required in order to manage projects that are complex in nature and require an expert’s hand at work. Project management professional certification is a benchmark for Project managers and acts as a defining characteristic that shapes the entire work portfolio. With the Project management qualification, the professionals are able to perform par excellence as far as project development is concerned.

Project managers are the sole leaders in the entire project development and they work towards the accomplishment of projects by maintaining clear coordination among the team members that are collaborating on the project. The dimension of synchronization is possible only because of project managers who have a clear and a sharp eye for any possible defects that may hamper the entire project development and could also affect the productivity of the entire team. PMP online training is the best way to get the PMP certification.

Role of Project Managers

The Project Managers are the prime professionals in the entire project management lifecycle; they work towards the accomplishment of the projects and also motivate the teams in order to achieve great outcomes and results. There are certain things that a project manager accomplishes for the betterment of the entire project.

  • The Project Managers carry the success and the failures of the project entirely. The success of the project is solely dependent on the work managed by a project manager.
  • The project managers look after the processes, methods, skills, and knowledge that are required in order to process the projects that are complex and convoluted.
  • The project managers are capable of motivating the teams and the team members to achieve the desired results and outcomes that go well with the vision and mission of the organization.
  • Project managers look after the five stages of project management that are crucial for the completion of the projects.
  • Project managers monitor the progress of the entire project and stimulate changes that are required in order to maximize the results and outcomes.

Significant skills for Project Managers

To become a great Project Manager, the professionals are required to enhance certain skills that are necessary in order to achieve the project management qualification and to become a successful Project Manager. The PMP training online aims at delivering and enhancing the following skills:

  • Communication skills are of utmost importance for Project Managers across the globe. In Project management, communication and interaction between the project manager and the stakeholders are of prime importance, therefore, the project managers should have great communication skills that will further help them in maximizing their growth and progress as desired by the project.
  • Project managers must be good leaders. Leadership skill plays a great role. A good leader is able to implement techniques and at the same time functions to motivate all the team members towards project accomplishment and success.
  • Effective negotiation skills can be learned through the project management professional certification training that focuses on building great terms with the suppliers, clients and other stakeholders.
  • Time management also plays an eminent role in enhancing the entire project development. For all the project managers out there, time plays a very important role in the overall success of the project and therefore it is regarded as the most important skill for project managers to possess.
  • Risk management and problem-solving skills are of great significance for all the Project Managers. These are the essential skills that are required by the Project Managers in order to get going with the projects.

How to become a Certified Project Manager?

In order to become a Certified Project Manager, the candidate required to meet the eligibility criteria that are set by the Project Management Institute. According to the eligibility criteria that is formulated by the Project Management Institute is that the professionals require having project management experience. The Project Managers require having the Project management experience that needs to be of three years if the professionals are graduates and have four years of bachelor’s degree. For non-graduates this experience needs to be five years. Along with the Project Management experience the professionals need to have experience with leading and directing projects. For graduates, this experience must be 4500 hours and for non-graduates, this experience needs to be 7500 hours. Moreover, 35 PDUs are required in order to take the PMP exam.

Once you meet the eligibility requirements, the candidates can further take the following steps:

  • Enroll for the PMP certification training.
  • Complete the training and register for the PMP exam through the PMI website.
  • Take the scheduled exam and qualify it in order to achieve the PMP certification.
  • The PMP certification is valid for three years and after that, the individuals must recertify in order to maintain the Project management professional certification.

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