Fencing is a kind of protection to be used to secure a certain place or surroundings. Fending can be different, depending on the materials and stuff that used. For example, fencing for ground can be done using a Barbed wire, but for a sub-station fencing, it has to be a complex solid grid of wire that further can be connected to a solid pillar or the ground. Fencing is used in place of walls for the security purpose where we can have a view from a distance, whereas if a wall constructed around any area, it can’t allow us to see inside from a distance and one has to go inside through the gateway. According to a security analyst, it is a cost-saving than constructing a wall for security. Barbed wire is used to fence the ground mostly and also known as the bob wire. It is built in such a way that the edge can be sharp so that it can prevent the contacts. The good thing about barbed wire fencing is that you can install it by yourself without having any experience in it. Mostly these wires are used in Field, Lands, and at such Properties, where the owner doesn’t want anyone to entre. Barbed wire is just the material build using iron and aluminum, but it has its own place in the field and is very important in some places. Barbed wire is used not only for protection but also to indicate a line that can be a borderline or division. Like in many borders these Barded lines are used to determine the limits. Barbed wired are placed at borders in such a way that no human or animal can cross the limit. The interesting thing here is the Barbed wires have an important role in the Army. It is used in the army for training purposes to simulate some difficult conditions to train the soldiers well. It helps to create borders and war surroundings and also used as a team-building exercise to increase the morale among troops.

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Chicken wire is also used alongside Barbed wire in some places. It a kind of grids of wires that can create a surrounding wall to protect a certain area. It is a pliable material that bends easily. When you own a property or land where you want to stop the human entrance, you cannot reply to the security guard every time, barbed wire fencing help to stay thieves away from that area as it can cause them damage, and you can stay safe in your homes. It is an advantage to have barbed wires installed on walls, places like prisons where the security keeps tight barbed wire are used on the walls, in case of prisoners try to escape they can get hurt with the barbed wires and can fail to do that. We all now know how important barbed wires are for security purposes, but it can be dangerous some time not only for humans but for animals and birds also.  It is sharp at the edges and has barbed points, which can injury you easily on sudden contacts. Also if you pass or come very near to a Barbed wire fencing, there is a high probability that your clothes can be caught by the fencing, it can hurt you all of a sudden. Also, if contact with sharp edges, you may injure your fingers or it can cut it can lead to heavy bleeding. Due to this reason, most of the fencings always have a plate written warning on it, so that it can prevent unwanted contact and help to save people. Barbed wire is also used in a high alert area or the abandoned areas with the electric current to warn the people to stay away from that place. These electric fences can take anyone’s life if ignored the warring. So Barbed wire and the Fencings are dangerous and used to protect an area. Barbed wires are being used in many industries for a long time and still remains in high demand, so the manufacturers are kept growing these days. Barbed wire is different in price depending on the size and material used, the average cost of a metal barbed wire of 100 feet length is around INR 1500 approx. There are various Barbed Wire Manufacturers in Rajasthan, VL Industries are one of the well-known manufacturers of it. We are a vast manufacturer of industrial materials such as Shield Wire Earthing, Barbed Wire, Shuttering Plates, Fencing, MS Shuttering, and more.

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