Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance: quick help in the event of illness abroad

An Air ambulance can save lives. Because when you are seriously ill or have an accident abroad, every minute counts. You should book an air ambulance to ensure that the patient is delivered easily and safely by air if you want the best possible treatment for yourself, your family, and friends. What are the benefits of air ambulance on an emergency jet versus staying in a hospital and heading home on a scheduled flight? We give an overview.


It can happen quickly on vacation or business trips: an accident while skiing, a tropical fever, or serious food poisoning at the buffet at the conference – many illnesses are threatened when traveling, which necessitate a quick return home and first-class medical care. Doctors’ offices and hospitals often fall short of our expectations, especially in developing nations and tropical vacation destinations.


What is an air ambulance?


An air ambulance is a plane or helicopter that transports patients from another country. That may even be a patient’s flight from home to a hospital centre far away. Body transfers in air ambulances and helicopters are also used in hospital flights and will speed up the delivery of organs. Particularly seriously ill patients should use the service of a flight with an ambulance aircraft. Because the planes are private jets that have been converted into flying intensive care units, they can save lives in an emergency.


If you don’t want to take any risks in an emergency, an air ambulance will conveniently have the benefits of urgent treatment. In certain cases, medical repatriation by helicopter might be necessary.


Advantages of an air ambulance


Air ambulances are used to achieve many advantages in various emergencies. Let us know the advantages of an air ambulance.


Get rid of traffic and congestion


The Government of India has advised all citizens that if ever an ambulance is seen in an emergency on the road, then first of all give it away and it is also the social responsibility of all citizens.  But, as you know, there are a lot of traffic problems in any state or city of India.  Because of which the ambulance also has to face problems on arrival on time.  But, sometimes the situation is so severe that every second of time is valuable for the patient.  In such a situation, the air ambulance gets rid of the traffic and congestion on the road.


In case of multiple casualties


Many times there are multiple casualties in accidents like accidents or arson, in which it is very important to bring many people together to the hospital.  In such a situation air ambulance can prove to be very helpful.  In which many patients can be taken to the hospital simultaneously.


Organ Transportation


Air ambulances play a very important role in organ transport.  Because, if any organ of a person has stopped working, then they have to apply for a donated organ in a very short time.  Organ transplant is a very complex process and the donated organ cannot be left outside the body for long, otherwise, it becomes useless or damaged.  In such a situation, the air ambulance saves his life by delivering the donated organ to the patient at the right time and in the right position.


Suitable for remote area


Hospitals are usually located far away from remote areas, and getting to them by road is a difficult and time-consuming task.  In addition, roadways are disrupted due to problems like landslides or snowfall in a place like mountains, in which road transport cannot be used.  In such a situation, an air ambulance comes in handy.


The equipment of Air Ambulance


Air Ambulance is usually designed for one to six patients who can be transported in a lying position. The stretchers for the sick are called stretchers on the plane. The equipment for ambulance flights and the medical team vary depending on the machine and the patient’s illness.


As a rule, the aircraft is equipped in a similar way to an ambulance and can be upgraded as a flying intensive care unit if required, so that, for example, intubated patients can also be transported on the aircraft. Onboard are usually resuscitators, ventilators, stretcher, ampoule kit, vacuum mattress, and suction pump, which together enable optimal patient care.

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