Hormonal Balance – Problem, Causes and solution

What Problems occur with hormonal balance and what are their Causes and How to increase hormonal levels

In principle, there are two types of hormonal changes. The first type is an increase in the level of the hormone. The second is a decrease. Both situations disturb a healthy hormonal balance, with a reduction being the most common type of problem, and therefore I will deal with it in more detail.

The following symptoms are associated with changes in hormone levels:

Decreased libido:

If estrogen decreases in women and testosterone decrease in men, there is also a decrease in physical appetite. This is a difficulty that mainly affects the quality of physical life, and typical symptoms include reduced interest in love and, in men, erection problems get some ED pills like Fildena at himsedpills or vigora to improve your libido.

Fertility reduction:

The second problem with low hormone levels, in general, is reduced fertility. In women, it is caused by a decrease in progesterone and estrogen. In men, it is caused by testosterone. For example, it affects spermatogenesis.

Weight gain:

Lack of testosterone in a man’s body can decrease vitality and, consequently, weight gain. This effect also causes a problem with the thyroid gland, especially in the case of insufficient activity of this gland as a whole.

Rash and hair loss:

If women have elevated testosterone levels, it begins to show changes in the skin, most commonly acne-like rashes. On the contrary, when estrogen decreases, hair loss occurs.

Hot flushes and excessive sweating:

Decreased levels of the hormone estrogen bring with them problems with thermoregulation. This condition occurs most often during premature menopause, typically with sudden flushing and night sweats.

Menstrual problems:

The last primary symptom related to hormone problems is menstrual problems. If you suffer from irregular periods or even complete disappearances, you are most likely deficient in estrogen.

Depression and frequent mood swings:

Behind this problem is low testosterone levels in men and women’s estrogen levels. There is also general irritability in men try Fildena 150mg, while in women, there may be frequent mood swings or large fluctuations.

Causes of hormonal changes

Hormonal changes are most often caused by insufficient production of hormones. The gradual decline may have natural causes, such as the aforementioned menopause or childbirth or andropause in men. However, pathological reasons are a bigger problem.

Here are the essential factors and causes of hormonal changes:


One of the most natural factors is age. The production of hormones decreases in both men and women with increasing age. While in women, estrogen decreases mainly with the onset of menopause, in men, there is a decrease in testosterone from the age of 25.


For women, pregnancy is an explosive event in terms of hormonal changes. Both estrogen and progesterone levels fluctuate, as do the hormones that ensure milk lactation. However, all this is only temporary.

Menopause and andropause:

On the contrary, one of the more permanent and irreversible states is the period of transition. In men, this period is called andropause in women, menopause, or menopause. Characteristic of this period is that they permanently lower testosterone and estrogen.


Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, stress, unhealthy eating all have a very negative effect on hormonal levels and hormonal balance. These factors are also the causes of many diseases of civilization.

Pituitary or hypothalamic problem:

One of the more serious reasons for hormonal changes may be pituitary or hypothalamic problems, which are responsible for the secretion of hormones. These are most often functional disorders or tumors.

How to increase hormonal levels

The gradual decrease in the hormones estrogen or testosterone levels can be addressed in several ways. There are situations where professional medical treatment is necessary, but there are also several ways to support hormonal balance more naturally.

Whatever you like, here are all the most common options:


Choosing the right dishes is the most realistic option, but of course, pay attention to the variety of food. Men can boost testosterone levels by eating eggs, beef, avocados, broccoli, garlic, Brazil nuts, or spinach. In turn, women should eat soy, seeds, rye, oats, wheat, oatmeal, and fruits and vegetables in general because of estrogen.

Exercise or exercise

More exercise is recommended for men and women or even targeted exercise to support testosterone and estrogen production. However, there is one difference that needs special attention. Men should not engage in endurance sports, but rather more intense ones. Women, on the other hand, should have more long-term exercise, such as running.

Alcohol, smoking, and stress

In addition to the things to focus on, there are factors to avoid. The most important are alcohol, smoking, and stress. Each of these factors is harmful to the body as a whole, but it also threatens hormones production, and it doesn’t matter if we are talking about testosterone or estrogen. Avoid these things, and your hormone balance will improve.

Herbs and tea

There are a large number of plants that help restore hormonal balance. For women, it is, for example, Wild Yam or Fenugreek, while men are permitted by Maca or Tribulus Terrestris. These herbs have been recognized for centuries and were several often used to make decoctions. Today you can also buy ready-made teas.


Even more convenient and effective forms are over-the-counter tablets in the form of nutritional supplements, which contain extracts and extracts, not only of the herbs mentioned above. Their advantage is easy to use and dosage, but also more comprehensive content. The tablets often contain extracts of several plant species, which can be supplemented with excipients.

Professional treatment

If the cause of hormonal changes is severe, or there is too much hormonal imbalance in the body, professional medical treatment is the only possible way. This is where hormonal treatment using synthetically produced hormones comes into play, or even the cause’s treatment, such as the solution of problems with the pituitary gland or hypothalamus.

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