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How to increase YouTube subscribers & Instagram followers?

In this article, we will discuss several ways a person can take to not only increase his YouTube subscribers, but also his Instagram Followers as well. Believe it or not, all the experts show unanimous consent when it comes to generating organic reach and maximizing the impact (or the profit) when the people who trust you, love you or show interest in your creation increases. That means the more subscribers and followers your channel and account have respectively, the better the chance you have to secure success in a way you want. Let’s have a look at different ways to double or triple the rate of subscribers and followers you are currently getting by combining these simple methods:

How To Increase Your YouTube Subscribers:

Most of the channels on YouTube have a single goal which is – making money through the monetization of their videos. It acts as a loaf of bread and jam for their hard work. As we all know, channels take their first baby step to be able to earn some bucks when they hit the 1000 mark of subscribers.

1) Don’t Be Shy and Request Your Audience to Subscribe

At the start, only a few people will watch your video if you are a new channel. But you don’t have to be shy and should gather enough courage to ask them to subscribe. Well, you can think of it as when some of the biggest YouTube channels can do it then why can’t you?

2) At the End of Each Your Video, Leave a Future Surprise for Your Viewers

It’s a rule of thumb that YouTube is not for boring creators. Only the people who are always full of enthusiasm, charisma, and the ability to surprise their viewers every now and then survive on the YouTube battleground. Hence, make sure you give your viewers a little hint about what your next video will be about?

3) Treat Your Viewers as Your Family

YouTube is nothing but a vast community of people of all tastes and dislikes. You should develop a habit to make a relationship with your audience. This can be done by asking their opinion on certain points, answering the questions they have asked in comments or replying to their comments personally.

How to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Many people on Instagram choose mischievous ways to increase fake or bot followers. This kind of attitude will not only deplete your reputation among true followers but will make you stand on the verge of getting banned. The best way to increase organic and real followers is following the proven, profound and genuine methods to do so.

1) Instagram Account Optimization

The first step should be turning your Instagram account into a professional Instagram account to get the most out of it. Now, you should focus on optimizing the account by filling inappropriate information that defines your brand.

2) Do You Stay Busy Often? Why Not Schedule Your Posts

Facebook (who owns Instagram now) has recently unveiled its newest tool which aids you to schedule your posts in advance not only on Instagram but also on Facebook as well. Moreover, you can also go for some paid tools that assist you with the same.

3.) Follow Your Followers’ Hearts

Yes, that’s the best thing an Instagram user can do. You should post different kinds of stuff in order to figure out what kind of content your audience is actually liking. Upon knowing that, you can just follow their likes and post such content more regularly.


Once you start to see a significant hike in the number of subscribers you have gotten over the past few months, it becomes necessary to keep track of the same. To check the list of your YouTube subscribers, hit the YouTube Studio button and jump on the dashboard section. Here, you will see an option named – ‘Recent Subscribers’. Click on it and the list of all your subscribers will be uncovered in your eyes.

Similarly, tracking your Instagram followers is crucial as well. As we all know, Instagram has emerged as the most promptly growing social media platform over the past few years. And its audience base is also continuously expanding which leaves a lot of scope for not only creators but also small and medium-scale businesses as well.

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