How to score good marks in the ICSE Class 10 Board exam?

Mathematics is one of the highest scoring subjects in a board exam. Scoring good marks in Mathematics not only boosts your academic score, but also pushes you a step ahead in reaching your career goals. Various fields like Data Analytics, Engineering, Business Statistics etc. are based on this subject. So having a clear idea about the fundamental concepts will help you perform better in the higher levels of education.

Over the years, the faculty have made it clear that regular practice on a daily basis is the key to score well in the board exam. While solving the textbook problems, students might come across new concepts which are difficult to understand. They might not be able to get a clear idea about these concepts during the class hours. In this situation, they can make use of the Selina Solutions for Class 10 Maths which are available in both chapter wise and exercise wise format. The solutions are created with the main aim of helping students to understand the concepts effectively.

Some of the important chapters in the ICSE Class 10 syllabus are Trigonometry, Statistics, Algebra, Probability, Mensuration and Commercial Mathematics. These chapters are explained in a simple and understandable language to boost the confidence of students. Regular practice of the solutions will improve the logical and analytical thinking skills of the students which are important from the exam point of view.

Here are some of the tips to score good marks in the ICSE Class 10 Board exam.

  1. Understand the syllabus

Before preparing for the board exam, students are advised to understand the syllabus designed by ICSE board. This will help them to get a clear idea about the concepts which are of more marks. It will also help them to plan accordingly and practice on the areas which they are lagging behind.

  1. Choose the correct study material

Students might find it difficult to solve the textbook problems. To clear doubts which arise while solving the problems, students should make use of the perfect study material available in the market. They should choose the one which is updated regularly based on the latest ICSE syllabus and guidelines.

  1. Practice regularly

Practice is the main key to obtaining a good score in the board exam. So the students should solve the problems from the Selina textbook using the perfect study material to get a clear overview of the concepts. It will also help the students to analyse the type of problems that would arise in the board exam and work on them for a better result.

  1. Make short notes

While preparing for the board exam, students are recommended to make short notes of important formulas and theorems. This can help them during revision and to complete the topics within a shorter duration. Students can just glance through the short notes a few hours before the exam to brush up the concepts efficiently.

  1. Revise the chapters

The Class 10 students should complete studying the chapters a few months before the exam. Sufficient time should be available for revising the chapters and to understand their areas of weakness. This will help students to memorize the concepts accordingly and score well in the board exam.

  1. Solve previous year question papers

After completing the textbook problems, students should collect the previous year question papers and solve them. This will improve their problem solving abilities and help them to understand the marks weightage of each concept. Students will also be able to understand the frequently asked questions and practice them for a better score.

By following these tips, students will be able to score higher marks in the board exam. The ICSE Selina Solutions can also be used by the students while solving the textbook questions to grasp the method of solving problems effortlessly. The main objective of providing solutions is to help students ace the exam without any difficulty.

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