sterling silver moonstone ring

If you have born and brought up in India, be proud of the stunning culture you have been blessed with. In our culture, we worship and pray to so many Hindu God and Goddesses. We offer them our devotion and offerings and wear their emblems in our neck all the time. That brings us closer to our roots, our tradition, but at the same time, it also lets us take a step towards the supreme being. The south Indians are very religious people too, and yet temple jewellery is not very popular there. Temple jewellery is what is carved with Hindu god’s figures on it and is made of gold and embellished with precious stones and gems. For example, a sterling silver boho ring if carved with majestic god’s figures may be called as a temple jewellery. 

When the flower of youth blooms completely into a girl, and she is putting on all the jewellery and other bridal adornments, nothing can be more eye-pleasing and calming than that sight. When her sterling silver moonstone ring complements the matching saree, people can’t but be mesmerized by that sensational, scintillating, and bewitching allure. Nowadays weddings are not held following the very strict old-fashioned and traditional way. The youth of today has started to experiment with the styles, destinations, food, and even distinct cultures. The number of people the family of the bride and groom invite is getting thinner and thinner with the time too. 

Now the stage ceremonies are being carried out by highly professional photographers, video artists, event managers, choreographers, and every detail is captured with the picture-perfect precision. A team of makeup artists, wedding planners, flower-decorators, overall decoration handlers, weddings in South India is transitioning from simple to grand and lavish. The exclusive ways, the guests are treated, the extravagant food stalls, and heavy south Indian jewellery flaunts a magnificent appeal that could make people awe. 

While food, stage setup, good photography, and greetings are unavoidable parts of a wedding, the eyes of onlookers also wander around in search of what kind of exclusive jewellery has been put on by their friends and relatives. And on top of that, how shinier are kundans in the bride’s bridal sets. Every girl’s eyes stay focused on what their near and dear ones are wearing. And that’s actually is the fun part of a grand get-together held in India. Isn’t it? People all over the world crave to visit such grand Indian weddings once in their lives. We should be thankful that we could attend such marriages multiple times a year. 

For a few years, silver jewellery has made a subtle impact on all South Indian weddings. You can witness a large number of people wearing and talking about silver necklace sets, earrings, bangles, rings, and all sorts of other ornaments that beautifies an Indian girl or woman. Even the online eCommerce landscape is flooded with unfathomable designs of silver jewellery. The sales are going higher and higher every day. And queries about such jewellery are one of the most searched on Google as well. 

One thing is sure than when the bride enters into the magnificent marriage hall settings, all the talks stop, all the food fights get halted, and all the eyes look just at her. No wonder a bride can always steal the spotlight from the groom so easily. Her wedding attire, her hairstyle, her ornaments, and the way she looks takes the form of uncountable whispers in the crowd of invitees. And why would that not be? Marriage is undoubtedly a very big day for a girl. It is always her dream to get ready and appear beyond precision on the best day of her life where every minor and big detail of her appearance is taken care of by multiple experts.

If you are a girl and your big day is due in the following day, then you might want to jump into the train to traditional South Indian bridal jewellery and bridal makeup artist in hyderabad. The great journey of bridal ornaments starts with choosing the right jewellery, attires, wedding destination, guest list, and of course food. The day of marriage is without a doubt a cherishable one for not only the bride and groom but for everyone who attends the wedding. All things that happen during that period of time including the photograph we take together, the laughs we have had, the videos we appeared in twisting our back, and the weird photos of binging on food. No doubt, India is the best place to live, and its marriages, the best one to attend. 

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