cosmetic gynecology

Currently, one of the fastest-growing parts of cosmetic surgery is being discussed in hushed tones and written about and discussed. It involves a procedure on a portion of the body that is seldom seen. In this case, we’re talking about vaginal enlargement or intimate aesthetics, which is a relatively new topic in cosmetic gynecology.

Cosmetic gynecology is a new sub-specialty that combines cosmetic surgery with gynecology to provide a more natural appearance. Known as Intimate Aesthetic Surgery, Cosmetic Gynecology is a series of operations primarily for aesthetic reasons and are not medically essential. They are carried out to improve the appearance and function of the outer vulva and inner vagina. It is common for it to involve liposuction procedures.

When you go to your Cosmetic Gynecologist in Jaipur for your annual checkup, you might be asked if you would like to have dermabrasion or a facial chemical peel performed while you are in the office.


If your Cosmetic Gynecologist in Jaipur hasn’t ventured into aesthetic surgery yet, this may seem to be a peculiar development. On the other hand, if your gynecologists are one of the hundreds of doctors who have joined the field of cosmetic surgery, you may as well raise an eyebrow and give it a go.

After all, why not what she is doing. She would never do an operation for which she was not certified, would she?

Accreditation for Cosmetic Surgery Practice 


Right now, doctors in the United States are not required to follow any specific regulations while conducting cosmetic surgical treatments on their patients. Despite their specialty, you might be surprised to learn that any medical doctor can provide procedures such as chemical peels and dermabrasion as part of their regular office practice.


With this certification, plastic surgeons may demonstrate to their patients that they have received further training to conduct aesthetic and plastic surgery operations on them. Besides that, they have the necessary certification to admit their patients to local hospitals if something should go wrong and it becomes essential.


Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of convenience and risk

While having your Best Lady Gynecologist Mansarovar Jaipur also be able to conduct cosmetic surgery may seem to be a handy option at first sight, when you consider the repercussions of any difficulties, it isn’t such a clear-cut choice to have them undertake aesthetic treatments on your body at all.

If you require hospitalisation, your ob/GYN does not have Board Certification in Plastic Surgery and therefore cannot admit you to a facility. If you need medical attention, you will be told to go to the nearest emergency department.

Furthermore, gynecologists have not undergone any formal training or testing to demonstrate their abilities in aesthetic surgery of any kind. As a result, although they may be acquainted with the operation, they are not adequately trained, competent, or qualified. Would you choose a plastic surgeon to deliver your child or perform a hysterectomy if you had the option?

It is essential to have prior experience.

It would help if you always examined your doctors based on their previous expertise with the treatment you want to have performed on your body. In an ideal situation, you would seek the assistance of a Board Certified physician for your requirements.


Over time, factors such as age and life experiences such as pregnancy and delivery may impact the internal and exterior structure of the vagina, resulting in changes in both its appearance and physical response to stimuli, respectively. Cosmetic gynaecology operations are designed to enhance the physical look or function of the vaginal and labia, depending on the situation. Frequently, both of these objectives are achieved at the same time. The results of cosmetic gynaecology may increase the pleasure derived from sexual activity while also rejuvenating the vaginal region, making it look younger in appearance.

Cosmetic gynecology procedure for sex life improvement.

Females may also seek a medical operation for reasons other than cosmetic improvements, such as desiring to have a angioplasty performed to alleviate pelvic organ prolapse. A woman’s muscles and skin may be permanently stretched due to pregnancy and delivery, leading the pelvic organs to become weak or loose. Cosmetic gynecological operations may assist in alleviating these symptoms by strengthening and tightening the muscles responsible for them.

The truth is that Best Lady Gynecologist Mansarovar Jaipur and other doctors are doing cosmetic surgery operations – and they are doing it within the scope of their training and certification. However, as a consumer, it is your responsibility to be aware of and comprehend this and make your judgments about who you trust with your body and who you do not.