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What is Domain Authority? 9 basic but effective SEO Domain Authority ways

When applying SEO strategy to your website, it is necessary to track and evaluate the website through different metrics. Domain Authority is one of the important indicators that cannot be ignored when measuring the quality of a website.

However, the definition of Domain Authority in Vietnam has not yet been widely known to the “people” of SEO. The article will help you understand what is Domain Authority? What are the best ways to increase Domain Authority?

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is the term given by a reputable SEO tool in the world – MOZ – based on more than 40 accurate evaluation criteria to evaluate the quality of the website. Domain with a high Domain Authority will be highly appreciated by Google on the rankings, thereby increasing the rankings and having more traffic for the website. And this is also a notable point in the SEO strategy to be able to win the opponent in the “ranking race”.

How is Domain Authority assessed and recognized?

SEOMoz rates DA on a scale of 1 to 100 (1 being bad and 100 being the best). Raising your DA in the 20-30 range is always simpler and easier than 70-80. Most websites will have an average DA in the 40-50 range, from 50-60 is a very good score, above 60, you already have a very great website.

In addition, you can manually check the website’s DA index with tools such as MozBar (free Chrome-extension), Link Explorer (a Moz backlink analysis tool), and many other tools with similar functions.

What is a “good” Domain Authority?

In general, DA is not a completely decisive criterion for ranking on Google, the SEO strategy should not only focus on DA. Instead, see DA as an indicator of how competitive competition is among competitors (a goal to surpass competitor DA). There will be no “good” or “bad” Domain Authority, but there will be DA criteria to evaluate what is an “easy” competitor and a “tough” opponent.

9 ways to effectively SEO Domain Authority

  1. Choose a good Domain name from the very beginning:

A “good” Domain name will be a name that is easy to remember and related to the business you want to target. For example, when trading in cosmetics imported from Korea, which of these two domain names will you be more impressed and easy to remember: and For the second domain, it is easy to recall, there are geographical factors that make users immediately identify this as a website selling Korean cosmetics. As for the first domain, users will not be clear about which country the cosmetic products are imported from. However, there are still websites with unrelated domains that will still be appreciated by Google on the rankings even though their names are not related to business products, such as, , Besides, you can buy existing domain names to shorten the time to increase the “age” of your domain.

A good name will help users easily remember your domain

  1. Optimizing On-page content on the page:

Good content that does not copy is always appreciated by Google on the rankings. Therefore, it should be optimized for the content on the page (including Title Tag, Meta Description, ALT tag of the image, …). In addition, please vary variations of the main keyword on the page, do not try to use exactly 1 main keyword for the whole site content, which is unnatural.

  1. Create links through anchor text

The anchor text linked well by making links will help the website increase the DA index significantly. However, it is important to pay attention to the anchors that are make linked to avoiding spam, duplicate anchor, use unnatural anchors, …. These will cause a significant impact on the site’s DA.

  1. Create internal linking structures

A good internal linking structure by suggesting related posts increases user retention on the site. In addition, this is also a way for search engines to find and index the articles on the site quickly and accurately.

  1. Remove “die” links or invalid links

Only keep links of the best possible value for users and remove unnecessary or “not found” links. Search engines consider these links as harmful links and underestimate the quality of the content on the site. Therefore, it will also directly affect the DA index of the website.

  1. Optimized for both Mobile version

Nowadays, the number of mobile users has increased significantly, if you do not optimize for the Mobile version, you will ignore this large amount of potential traffic. It not only affects the DA index but it also makes the user gradually turn away from the website itself.

Optimizing the mobile version helps your website to be more complete to users

  1. Become an “expert” in the industry you are pursuing

For websites that are built with “expert” content about a certain profession, the search engine will be more appreciated by the search engines than related websites.

  1. Improve website loading speed

A website with a “turtle-like” page load speed will significantly impact the bounce rate. Users are not always patient enough to wait for the page to complete to be able to discover what you have to offer. Of course, search engines won’t appreciate such sites.

  1. Share your content widely to everyone through Social channel

Social networks are home to a lot of users, who exchange a variety of life and work issues. Do not forget to take advantage of the traffic sources of these communities to contribute to making the website “popular” more.


Domain Authority is an important criterion for an overall assessment of the current situation of the website. It is also an indicator so that you can compare yourself with your competitors, showing where your position is in the “ranking match”. With 9 optimal ways for Domain AUthority that Chi Doanh has suggested, hopefully, you will find yourself the best SEO strategy for Domain AUthority.

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